Cost of My Trip to Georgia

A walk away from Botanical Garden

Persistence… and I am finally doing it. Sorry, it’s been a long due post.

I have received tons of messages and comments asking about how much did I spend during my solo travel to Georgia (Eurasia) last September 2015. These messages are from friends and even strangers who just happen to read my post about Georgia. I appreciate the effort for finding me and for reaching out even though I can’t seem to reply the soonest. Finally, I am doing it now. I hope you will share and send it to your friends who are interested in visiting Georgia as well. So next time somebody will ask me, I’ll just send this write up then. I hope sending you links will be able to answer your queries and doubts.

From Narikala Mountain, overlooking Tbilisi

A huge thank you to all who replied when I was in the position of looking for answers for the same questions. Thanks Mari of Hotel at Gomi 19 and Sebastian Drozdzal (Solo) who assured me that exploring Georgia is affordable when I was quoted from 500 to 700 USD for customized tour by tour operators I contacted online.

I was considering of canceling the trip by that time. I can’t afford to spend much. And I’m very proud of not giving up. Instead I embraced the uncertainties and discovered that solo traveling shouldn’t break the bank. Traveling alone also is not full of fear, rather it is liberating.

So let me take you back to Georgia with the cost and expenses of my 5-day stay. This is, of course, based on my experience. This is limited to airfare as we are coming from different countries of departure, for cost of food as we don’t have the same preferences and of course of how much we can afford to spend.

At the hill of David Gareji Monastery along with the borders of Azerbaijan



Sharjah (through Air Arabia)- Tbilisi

800+++ AED

Holiday was approaching that time so notice the increased price.


Tbilisi (through Azal Airline)- Baku Airport- Dubai

400 +++ AED

I had a long layover in Baku Airport in Azerbaijan and it meant sleeping at the airport. It’s the price of getting a cheaper ticket.


Transfer from Tbilisi Airport to Hostel

30 Lari

I didn’t process any visa prior or upon arrival even with my Philippine passport. Thanks to my powerful UAE Residence Visa.

At Ananuri Castle


25 Lari per night in a 4-bed room

5 nights

Travertines of Georgia


Day 1: Walked on my own around Tbilisi exploring Narikala Fortress, Botanical Garden and the outskirts.



Day 2: Vardzia Cave Monastery- Rabati Castle- Borjomi

89 Lari

Vardzia Cave Monastery

Day 3: David Gareji Monastery

-49 Lari


Day 4: Lake Jinvali- Ananuri Castle- Gudauri- Kazbegi

89 Lari

Kazbegi. Can you find Gergeti Trinity Church in this photo?


Day 5: Explored Tbilisi again, visited dry bridge, had a sulfur bath, dinner with a Georgian friend

Had my sulfur bath for 25 Lari

Dinner for 2 at a local restaurant with live band and traditional Georgian Dance for 69 Lari


Day 6: Departure from Tbilisi Airport

Transfer from Hostel to Airport- 30 Lari

Since I love to take long walks and be lost and I can’t find my way going back to the hostel, I usually take taxi. Taxi fare should only be 3 Lari, but they usually take 5 Lari from tourists.


Breakfast: 8 Lari

Lunch/ Dinner: 15-25 Lari 


Please note of the currency I used are in dirhams (AED) and lari (GEL). Now it is time for you to do the calculations to your preferred currency, just Google then the conversion rates.

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Thank you for passing by. And do you know that this trip was funded through passive income? Yes, it was.


Beautiful Surprises (Reasons to Travel Solo to Georgia)


  • Ashley Pullan says:

    Have been to Georgia twice, once an all boys trip and next with family. Both the trips were in winter. The temperature was around -15 at gudauri.
    Had lot of fun in the snow. Even tried skiing.
    Nice place for a weekend trip.
    Have to go once again. This spring or autumn.

    You have jotted down nicely about your trip.
    From now onwards, will follow you closely.

    I usually makes two- three trips per year. Sometimes solo or with family.

    Keep traveling…. it’s a wonderful thing.


    • Louiela Ann says:

      Hi Ashley… thanks for dropping this comment here… I appreciate it.

      I’d love to hear stories of other people about their trip to Georgia, it makes me miss Georgia more and wanting to go back there ASAP.
      I would love to experience as well the different seasons there 🙂 Please give me some tip how’d you manage -15… I think I had experience only -2.

      Thanks for encouraging, for sure you really understand how it feels to be on the road…

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