Mocanita Viseu de Sus: a Magical Train Ride

mocanita viseu de sus

It was an October to remember when I embarked to an unforgettable journey to Carpathian Garden with the Mocanita Viseu de Sus train.  The Mocanita train transported us to somewhere deep in the Carpathian Mountain passing through old mountain railways, tunnels and along riverside. 

Mocanita Viseu de Sus is the last steam railway in Europe that is well-preserved and still being used as a way to explore Vasser Valley in Maramures, Romania.

A journey with the Mocanita train is a must to be experienced if you are traveling to Romania. It will give us the feeling like traveling back in time away from a bustling city. There’s peace and joy all throughout the train ride and it is indeed a magical moment.

The old train being fueled by a steam engine, the train sounds and whistles, the wooden carriages, the fire woods and the stove oven make Mocanita train in Viseu de Sus a one-of-a-kind. Through the long and slow journey, we stopped once in a while to capture a picturesque autumn glory along the way. On another stop is to simply gaze at Vasser River where the water freely runs.

When we reached Vasser Valley, it was raining in the fairyland. It added to the magic to the entire place and of the experience.

I was fascinated with the welcoming atmosphere in that place. Empty wooden chairs and tables were waiting for us though drizzles made us to stay in covered areas.

Traditional Romanian music were being played while we were enjoying our lunch and a toast with Visinata, an alcoholic beverage produced from cherries.

I savoured the bliss of the moment as I know the reality that it won’t take long and Mocanita train will soon transport us away from Vasser Valley. An hour or few hours or even a day isn’t enough to stay. But the place isn’t ours though I am thankful for the Mocanita train for taking me through its journey.

I don’t want to leave the place yet. I gazed lingeringly to the empty and wet wooden chairs and table, to the mosaic of colors around, to the fine rain gently soaking my winter jacket and to the people going back to carriage. 

I made it back to the carriage and opened the windows. The whistles, the sound of an old train, the steam… and Mocanita slowly moved away. 

The magical potion of Visinata made me asleep on the journey and sealed the experience with a beautiful dream.

In Vasser Valley with Mocanita train from Viseu de Sus lies my story of a magical train ride.

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