The Yerevan Botanical Garden, An Abandoned Armenia Tourist Attraction

Armenia Tourist Attraction

Yerevan Botanical Garden is the unique botanical garden I’ve seen. I had limited idea about it. Even if we asked some locals about this place for direction, it was even hard to get some information. For a reason that the garden isn’t famous now, not maintained or let’s say abandoned. And yes, it is not even included in the list offered for Armenia tourist attraction.

But for the love of going off-beaten, we visited the Yerevan Botanical Garden one afternoon in summer 2017.

As I’ve said, the locals don’t even know about this place and the taxi driver dropped us somewhere, not in the entrance.

We walked crossing the streets, asking few people we met. Finally, we were heading in the right direction but we were on the opposite side (maybe) of the entrance. What we were seeing were trees enclosed with a concrete wall. The garden is occupying an area of 80-hectares and the gate is somewhere…we don’t know.

We kept on walking. Out of curiosity, there was a large rock on the pavement and we tried to climb through it and took a sneak peek. We can jump over the fence! A guy was passing by and we were like asking approval if we can just jump off. His reaction was, nobody cares…or it’s up to us…

That was our short-way entering the garden. Yes, we jumped over. Though we still paid the fees the moment we found the entrance.

Armenia Tourist Attraction

Inside the garden, it was calm and gloomy. It was foresty. We followed an unmaintained pathway. It was so silent that we can hear the sounds of insects and birds.

Finally, we saw few people walking around. As we continued our walk, I will share with you the two faces of Yerevan Botanical Garden that we’ve discovered through photos.

Eventhough it has been abandoned and not-well maintained to serve its purpose, we still saw these beautiful flowering plants… (I’m not really into names and scientific names of plants and trees, please feel free to comment if you know some.)

Armenia Tourist Attraction


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I really loved those flowers… Those were the other face… And the other face through the photos below…


And what would you feel if you started feeling uneasy and as you continue strolling around, this is what you see…


Are you still going to go to that direction? For us, we just passed by that made us explore the following greenhouses… (They don’t function as greenhouse now.)



It is creepy, I know. But that was still a good walk around the garden. It may be not fancy as what we’ve expected but it worth the visit.

We also saw this monument and I have no idea what it symbolizes.

The sound of the birds and a sight of them flying around just added to the weird ambiance.


The Yerevan Botanical Garden was developed during USSR Regime. And since the collapse of USSR, the funding for the garden has been stopped.

Eventhough the garden isn’t famous to be included in Armenia tourist attraction, for someone who loves nature and searching for a solemn place, I suggest coming to this place.


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