Armenia Trekking: Gegharot Falls Through The Less Traveled Road

Armenia Trekking

Gegharot falls was never on my list to see in Armenia. Truth is, I don’t know about this place. It was only introduced to me by a friend, Ruben of Pure Armenia.  We planned on going to see the place and take some trekking in Armenia.

I didn’t mind googling about the place as I know that Ruben is also a tour guide in Armenia. I was surprised when I met him in the morning that we are still unsure of how to reach the Gegharot falls. Ruben isn’t a tour guide this time. Just like me, he will explore the less traveled road of his country.

We hired a private car for 10, 000 AMD to bring us to Aragats Region and the driver will wait for us. For the fourth time, I passed by the area of Saghmosavank. But we went further passing through villages. The roads were concrete. Until we reached one of the villages and start trekking from there.

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The loooong hike started. The planned 4 hours became 8 hours hike as the Gegharot falls is hiding in the heart of Aragats Mountain.

Nevertheless, it was one of the rewarding hikes in Armenia.

I have taken lots of photos along the way and here are only a few of them.

On the start of trekking, we passed by some villagers who are preparing their meals… Khorovats!

Armenia Trekking


And the never-ending hike started carpeted with these flowering poppies and other wild spring flowers. It was tiring but the views were so soothing that it gave me extra energy to keep going on…

Armenia trekking

Armenia trekking

I’ve seen these crawlers too…
Armenia trekking
We kept on walking with no signs of Gegharot Waterfalls. There’s a river and so I believed that at the end of it lies the waterfalls. But it seemed we were getting closer and closer to Aragats Mountain… And maybe, the waterfall is tucked in between the slopes of the mountain…
Armenia Trekking
Armenia Trekking
It was really tiring. I wanted to stop the endless walking. But we continued passing through another village on the opposite side of the river. I can’t imagine how’s living there as it was already far from the center. If we only have had enough time, I would love to cross the river and visit this village.
Armenia trekking
Finally, seems we were approaching the end of the river. But it wasn’t. The waterfall is somewhere there hiding in the mountains. I was really exhausted. Time to give up… But not yet! Ruben who was a kilometer ahead of me had a glimpse of the waterfall.
I tried my best and somehow my best is enough…
Armenia trekking
That’s the Gegharot Waterfalls. Impressive, may I say. It worth the effort. But it would have been better to do camping overnight near the area.
We tried to come closer but it was really cold. Even the water was icy cold. It isn’t safe also to really go near as the pressure is too strong. Stones might be falling as well.
As much as I love to stay longer, we don’t have enough time.
It was 4 hours walk going… And another more than 3 hours going back…
We met these friends as well on our way back.
Armenia trekking
I was so happy when we reached the village. Remember the khorovats/barbecue photos above? We just came on time. The villagers were in the middle of a big meal like a feast.
I was hungry, thirsty and tired. I invited myself to eat, no shame I know. But I swear the grilled meat and vegetables tasted so good. They have fruits as well, berries and melons… They have Vodka, one cannot even say no.
The villagers were drunk already. They were really nice persons. But I cannot forget, that in rare times like those, that I am no longer single… I replied to their question, that yes, I am married.

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