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At one point in our lives, there are circumstances that will make us embrace what is unknown. Not all of us can travel. Not only because we don’t want to, but mostly for many reasons, WE CAN’T. I understand the feeling of not being able to specially now that I discovered the secrets and beauties that slowly unfolds along the way.

Cost of My Trip to Georgia

However, the following events will make you think a hundred times if it is worthy to overcome all those hindrances to travel to Georgia.

  • Another solo traveler will notice you and you will experience exploring the Narikala Fortress with a stranger. You won’t miss going down the Narikala Mountain with that stranger, walking around Freedom Square and having a lunch together at KGB is Still Watching You.


  • You will develop a love-hate relationship with your selfie stick and iPhone when you are having a difficulty to get a photo of yourself with the cascading waterfall in Botanical Garden all together in one frame.


  • You will realize how confident you are to volunteer to include yourself in the picture during a photo shoot at the Botanical Garden of a couple who just got married.
Part of the ruins of Narikala Fortress overlooking Tbilisi

Part of the ruins of Narikala Fortress overlooking Tbilisi


  • You’ll learn from a man whom you passed by from a hill that photographers doesn’t love taking images of sunset only, but they wait for the sun to set so the city will start to light and capture it.


  • You ‘ll experience sleeping alone in a four-bed dorm type of Hotel at Gomi 19.


  • You’ll notice that one stray friendly dog who followed you along the way from a hill on the borders of Azerbaijan and Georgia down to the David Gareji Monastery.


The David Gareji Monastery

The David Gareji Monastery


  • You’ll experience buying 4 pieces of Purple Pershore Plums at the sidewalk along Tbilisi while searching for the Flea Market and the vendor will not accept your payment and instead they added 2 to make it 6. You have 6 pieces of plums to eat.


  • You will keep on making a friendly request to your tour guide to capture your photo of that magnifique Lake Jinvali and travertines of Georgia while you cannot express the feeling of how beautiful these natures are.
The Great Lake Jinvali

The Great Lake Jinvali


  • You’ll be able to know how grateful you are when one person from your group from the tour will approach you and voluntarily offer to take your photo at Ananuri Castle overlooking the Lake Jinvali.


  • You have nobody to share your frustration over a fruit that you bought outside Ananuri Castle thinking those were grapes or fruits with sweet taste. You have to reach your hostel and ask your host what fruit is it that is very sour more than a lemon. You’ll just have to laugh then that for the first time you tasted a Cornelian cherry.


  • You will discover within yourself how considerate you are when you are so hungry and is eager to eat your pork barbecue then you will realize that you are eating in the same table with the tourists from a Muslim Country. And the moment you want to excuse yourself they’re even more considerate telling you that it is not an issue with them and so you have a sumptuous lunch at Stepantsminda, Kazbegi.


Buying fruits outside Ananuri Castle

Buying fruits outside Ananuri Castle


  • You don’t have anybody to share your thought how weird it is to ride a car which driver’s seat is on the right side and at the same time you feel so nervous while traversing the Kazbegi Road to reach The Gergeti Trinity Church.


  • You will realize that it isn’t so hard to put on a head cover and tie a wrap around skirt for yourself at Gergeti Trinity Church and you manage not to look like a mess.


  • You’ll feel the peace within yourself while crossing the Bridge of Peace with some other passer-by and even meeting a Filipino couple passing through the bridge also.


The Bridge of Peace

The Bridge of Peace

  • You have nobody to brainstorm with which traditional costume you would choose in Retro Photo Atelier. And yet, you will still have one of the best photo session experience.


  • Due to some communication barrier, instead of answering your question what time the man who sells souvenirs in Narikala Fortress will come, a good man will hand you a glass of water to drink and you ended up picking grapes from the vines and walnuts from the tree.


  • You will realize in Rabati Castle that a castle isn’t a place destined only for princesses, kings and queens but also for somebody who is chasing her dreams.
At the top of Rabati Castle

At the top of Rabati Castle

  • You won’t miss the chance of showing off your magnificent photo of Mt Kazbek under the clear blue sky compared to the other photos of other travelers wherein part of the mountain is covered by clouds. And you might not have another opportunity to hear the compliments of how lucky you are to have able to capture that photo. And you are doing it while having lunch beside Mtkvari River just below the Vardzia Cave Monastery.


  • You are asking your tour guide where you can buy one like her hair accessory. And at the end of the tour, she is giving it to you. What a sweet gesture and a beautiful treasure.
At the Vardzia Cave Monastery

At the Vardzia Cave Monastery

  • You feel so comfortable having a dinner in Machakhela Restaurant with fellow Filipina you met on a day-tour and both of you are trying Georgian dishes.


  • You’ll be talking alone to yourself if you’re the one who smell pungent or sour after having a sulfur bath in Abanotubani.


  • You’ll be able to dine with a young and beautiful Georgian lady at ‘The Shadow of Metekhi’ while being entertained with a live band and Georgian dance.


  • You’ll realize that it is not always good to ‘check-in’ in your ‘at the moment’ location and post it in Facebook and tag your local friend. Consequences will follow.
    (Here’s the story:

    A lady friend and I was having dinner. And I put the details in Facebook Another guy friend was invited and he followed. It was my best night and dinner in Georgia, for sure. Thanks to these friends. And later, it turned out to be an adventure.

            After dinner, they decided to spend some time to Lizzie Lake. We were on our way and another guy from                    another car was telling us something. I have no idea who he is. Of course, I didn’t understand and I didn’t                  bother to ask. From that moment, I have known that this guy friend who’s driving us to the lake is a car                      racer. We were flying at that Georgian Road. I couldn’t mutter a word. It was like riding the fastest roller                  coaster in Ferrari World. I was thinking that I couldn’t die in Georgia. Even my lady friend was telling him                 to slow down. It took a while when he finally slowed down. What a great relief.

            He did it when he’s sure that the guy from another car wasn’t following us anymore.

            And who’s the guy from another car? And what’s the story behind? Only these two Georgian friends can                     tell.)

You can’t imagine that a young Georgian who loves high-speed and drives like he owns the road will have the heart to block his car in the middle of a busy road just to let that poor old man cross safely till he reach the other side.


If you will have these beautiful surprises, please warn yourself because you might not be able to control the burning desire to come back, to explore and to have more of these wonderful unexpected life events in this lifetime.


My story won’t be your story. Each of us will have our own unique experience to tell. But I hope that the experiences I mentioned above will motivate you to travel soon beyond limitations, fears and anything that holds you back.

Thank you, Georgia.


If You’re 30, Be Happy and Go Travel Solo

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