Chasing Dreams in Romania

It is just a story of how small seeds of dreams can grow into something. It is a story of a girl who traveled solo to Romania.
Selfie trigger warning.
Narcissistic trigger warning.
It’s me time… 🙂

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Romania? Where is that place located? Okey. Transylvania? You mean Dracula? But, why Romania? Of all places in Europe, why you want to go to Romania? “Why” questions are such difficult questions to answer. But I usually reply, “I don’t know, that’s why I want to go.”

When I was a child, I’m so familiar with the different flags of each country. So, Romania, I know is a country.

The next time I heard about Romania was when I was working already in a medical facility and able to meet 3 young Romanians working as flight attendants. That time I made an impression that if Romania has nice and kind people, then for sure, it is a beautiful country also.

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And that was more than a year ago. I started to explore Romania in my dreams. I made it real though; I messaged one Romanian lady who is also based in Abu Dhabi. Chatting with her just aggravated my desire to visit the country.
I became familiar with Dracula’s Castle, Peles Castle, Sinaia and many other touristic spots. I even found on Facebook a Filipino couple who recently traveled there and oh my, their photos are stunning.

And what happened to me? I traveled to Romania. No, not yet. I don’t have the will to process a visa and I was afraid of Euro. I mean with the currency. I was quoted for a tour for 100 euro a day… Yay, that’s too much for me.
But if something is meant to happen it will never leave you. Even if you already set aside the thought of going to a place, just a glimpse of something that pertains to Romania everything is coming back.

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I met another Romanian Mom and she was telling me how beautiful is summer in Romania. Another soon-to-be-Mom was very proud of her country and her husband (not Romanian) was telling a certain place and he was so impressed. And my reaction? I wanted to fly by that time to Romania… In my dreams.
I was been very vocal that I wanted to visit Romania. If somebody asks where do you want to go next? Romania is always included.
It was a never ending quest. Its either I am the one searching about Romania or suddenly photos taken in Romania will be in my news feed.

One Asian lady traveled and drove around Romania as solo.
A Filipino based in Italy visited Bucharest and Brasov.
One Romanian lady posted photos of Maramures.
Wandering Earl replied in messenger suggesting Brasov.
A young lady working in a tour company in Sibiu shares tips and ideas of more beautiful places in Romania.
Even my supervisor was telling me “you-should-go.”
I decided, I—S-H-O-U-L-D—G-O.

I was desperate then. I took an envelope, removed the edges and unfolded it. I wrote there the places I wanted to see in Romania. And I forgot this piece of paper.
When everything was set to achieve a dream, the next question is when to go? Should it be by summer, winter, spring or fall… I have had enough of summer. I wanted something cooler. Spring has passed. Should I wait for the succeeding season? Aha! I fall in love with winter; I wanted to experience it again. But, the colorful foliage of autumn is beautiful as well.

And just in time, another Filipina based in Abu Dhabi will travel to Romania for summer. That’s something great at least I have somebody to ask regarding the processing of visa and requirements. And there she goes, with her amazing travel experience to Romania.


Fast forward, I was allowed 2 weeks annual leave last July 2016. I went home to Philippines. I don’t want to have the guilt feeling of going somewhere without seeing my old folks. Two weeks wasn’t enough to stay in your home country. But, I have to spare another two weeks to chase a dream. We are only allowed for 30 days annual leave.



October 9, 2016. And there she goes, arrived in Cluj, traveled to Maramures, took train to Sinaia, returned back to Brasov, visited Sighisoara and took departure from Bucharest. That was all 13 days of living a life to the fullest and freedom. I promise to share to you my itinerary that looks like a maze if you trace it following a Romanian map. But that was all fun including a migraine while on travel, having an upset stomach and vomiting while on the road, body pain after taking a hike to the mountain, being lost and cannot follow directions, walking under the rain and muddy pathways, carrying heavy backpack and many other mishaps.

I realized, I am a nomad or I can be a nomad.

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So, 9-5, 10-hour, 12-hour, night shift… whatever you want to call it, I think we need to sit down for a while to discuss and think about our future. (hehehe…)


Visa Processing for Romania

Discovering Autumn in Baiu Mountain

Louiela Ann

A dream chaser… Louiela is an OFW based in UAE…
A small town girl from Kiamba, Sarangani Province…
A Nurse by profession who injected herself with much wanderlust.
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