Experiencing Armenian Beauty Through Visiting Locals’ Home

We are coming from different backgrounds, beliefs, generations, cities and even countries. We may even live a life from a different era. But in the name of travel, these varying personalities and backgrounds blend resulting to like a never-ending laughter as if you’ve known each other for a long time. We experienced Armenian beauty through visiting a local’s home.

We unexpectedly gatecrashed one Armenian home and this is what happened. Actually, two of our friends were invited by an Armenian family for a dinner. I felt bored and I asked if I can join. In the end, four of us went. 

We reached their home and felt it was our home. The family was so welcoming. We went to the garden.

I hope they didn’t mind us picking up one cherry, two cherries, three, four, five… And eat.   (These were not sprayed with chemicals or insecticide.)

Armenian beauty


Coffee and cake are ready. Eating fruits then drink a coffee afterward? Nobody complained of abdominal pain.

In between chats, enjoying a coffee and cake, taking selfies and pictures with the colorful roses in the garden.

Armenian beauty

Others keep on harvesting and munching cherries. ( The cherries aren’t even fully ripe.)

It was a continuous eating, harvesting cherries and taking photos. The owners left us alone in the garden to do what we want.

It was getting dark already. The locals invited us to another home. Only to surprise us with what we will see. Invasion continues… Discovering Armenian beauty doesn’t end here.


What’s this? 

Look at this telephone, I don’t even know how it works.

What are these?


These are sooo old…

Oh, here… sit here. 


Can we sleep here tonight? 🙂


Yalla, move to this side a little. 

Hello airline, please rebook our flight. We’ll stay in Armenia for a few days more.


Please take our photo including the frames…


Seems like we surveyed the whole house.

Say, wireless…


Too spacious bathroom. We can put a bed to sleep on!

There’s a stair going down. A basement where they store preserved natural foods for the winter. 


What will be your reaction if your guests acted like these? Will you be happy to invite them again? I hope so… And I’m just here, waiting for an invite. 🙂

We were able to visit two houses that afternoon. Thank you so much for opening your doors to us. They’d even invited us to stay for a night. They’d show us their home happily. We’ve seen beautiful display of arts made with passion, old pieces of stuff that they’d able to preserve from the USSR Era and what’s most important is the Armenian hospitality being showed to us. A real Armenian beauty.

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Louiela Ann

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A small town girl from Kiamba, Sarangani Province…
A Nurse by profession who injected herself with much wanderlust.
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