Explore Kakheti Region Of Georgia And Stay In Paradise Investment Resort

Paradise Investment Resort

Autumn in Georgia. It is the best time to explore Kakheti Region being one of the producers of high-quality wines. I have even stayed in a paradise, in Paradise Investment Resort.

Located and built in between hectares of vineyards, nothing I can ask for. Situated 16 kilometers from Telavi, Paradise Investment Resort have taken care of my transport from Telavi to the hotel.

Paradise Investment Resort

I took a shared taxi from Isani (Tbilisi) and after 1.5 hours, I was in Telavi. Abdullah, the manager of Paradise Investment Resort together with Gela met me in the Center of Telavi.

Passing by many villages only shows how diverse Georgia is. In this region is a vast grape plantation. Along with it are rivers, fields where sheep, cows and horses freely grazing in the meadows.

The travel from Telavi to the hotel is a road trip offering beautiful sights with the colors of autumn. We passed by the village of Napareuli which is famous for wine production until we reached the The Paradise Investment Resort in the village of Jugaani.

Paradise Investment Resort have the friendliest staff. I’ve been talking to them over phone before coming. It was really nice meeting Biji and Ingga and I found instant friends again. Before going to my room, they served fruits while having chit-chats as if we’ve known each other for a long time.

Paradise Investment Resort

Paradise Investment Resort

Paradise Investment Resort has started its construction four years ago. Just this year, they officially started to receive guests in this luxurious property.

The resort has seven blocks. Though construction in some part is still ongoing, the first three blocks are ready to accommodate guests.

My room is in the first block.

As always, the best part is to see is my room. In Paradise Investment Resort, I stayed in a room with two single beds, with my own private bathroom, with TV, heating and air condition. There’s a kettle and microwave as well. And when I checked my window views, what I’ve seen is a green lawn and playgrounds with the backdrops of mountains from afar.

Paradise Investment Resort

Paradise Investment Resort

Paradise Investment Resort

I planned to take a nap for 15 minutes which became a deep sleep for two hours.

Internet is a bit slow in my room, but I didn’t mind it. I can always go to the reception if I needed to. But no, I preferred to sleep.

For the remaining hours in the afternoon before sunset, I took a walk around the property and even to the neighbouring grape plantation. I came two days late as the harvest has been done. However, there are still bunch of grapes left. I picked some of them and ate along the way.

I love staying at the reception also where there’s a hall that provides many recreational activites.

The hotel organized a trip for me the next day. I woke up early in the morning to witness the sunrise. However, it was raining and the mountains were covered with clouds. I went back to sleep.

The rain continued. While waiting for it to stop, we visited some of the villas. I’ve noticed the roofs are brightly colored. They have playground, jacuzzi, spa services, complimentary bicycle and they even offered me to do a horseback riding. A spacious restaurant will be opened soon as well.

Paradise Investment Resort

It was already afternoon and it seems the rain won’t stop. Still, we went for the trip. My favourite is the stop to a grape plantation, going to a field with flock of sheep and unwinding in Kvareli Lake.

Paradise Investment Resort is a sophisticated property that nestles in Kakheti Region. With all its amenities available and still being built, it is a place to unwind and relax as a solo traveler or even as a family.

My two-night stay and all meals were all complimentary of Paradise Investment Resort. Thank you for accommodating me in this Region of Kakheti, Georgia.


Paradise Investment Resort

Jugaani Village, Telavi 2201, Georgia



+965 9906 2567

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