What To Do and Feel After You Drop Your Phone in Water

What to feel? Be crazy. What to do? Be crazy.

A phone that fell in water is a part when you are gifted with clumsiness. That’s me and me and me… The other day, I bruised my upper arm. I said, accident happen. And suffer with a bruised and pained arm until today and maybe tomorrow and the next days till it will be healed.

Today. We planned to see historical ruins of Armenia but ended up until where the bus stopped. Taking up a taxi to the ruins will cost us too much. Again, I told myself, it is part of traveling. But this trip turned out to be one the best unexpected trip I’d ever had.

And dropping off a phone in a water? I don’t know what to say. I cannot even console myself with my belief that everything happens for a reason. A friend told me, it’s worse than having a fight with your boyfriend.

It seems really crazy that I don’t know how to ventilate what I feel. It was like I told all the people I met that my phone fell off in a water. I wanted to sit with the laptop and tell all the people in my messenger what happened to my phone, I didn’t do it anyway. But I posted it in my timeline.

And here I am, writing this post.

I think, well, I hope that what I feel is acceptable (not to mention all the chaos happening all around the globe.) With social media and how internet helps us in our daily life, it seems I’m back to zero without my phone.

What makes me more crazy without the phone? I have two posts still in the Notes ready to publish about two DIY Armenia Trips not to mention the 114 drafts. I haven’t transferred four sets of photos and videos taken from different locations in Armenia. I have many unpublished videos from Imovie. Different complicated passwords of many accounts are stored in that phone. I use that phone to manage facebook, facebook page and Instagram. That phone gives me direction through Google Maps. And now, that phone is dead. Oh no, that phone is just on its deep sleep, I hope so…

What to do really if a phone dropped/soaked in water?

What I wanted to do at that moment is to find a sack of uncooked rice. Put the phone and bury it in rice. For now, it is there in a half kilo of rice.

And what to do next?

Wait and pray. And pray and wait… And keep on hoping.


  • Tanya says:

    Sometimes it’s nice not to be tied to your phone. Maybe you can find some joy in being unplugged.

  • I hope you were able to retrieve your files. This happened to my friend while we were on a trip. Totally agree with the rice thing since it absorbs the moisture. Better leave for at least 1-2 days. Hope everything turns out well.

    • Louiela Ann says:

      Hi Justin, yes, the rice thing worked… with hopes and prayers:) I was able to retrieve all my files… the phone worked perfectly… but I just notice some changes with battery life and the photos are coming like portrait instead of landscape… but anyway, I’m happy that it still works…

  • I agree on the rice bit. I had 2 phones that fell in the sea. One recovered after exposure to rice inside a rice bag for about 3 days. I tried switching on intermittently and it seemed like some issue in booting up. But rice is the best option.

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