Is Georgia (Eurasia) Included in Visa Free Countries For Philippine Passport Holders to Visit?

Visa Free Countries For Philippine Passport Holders

Third time in Georgia. The charm of Georgia that first captivated me the first time I came here 2 years ago keeps me coming back here again and again. Undeniably beautiful country starting from its capital, Tbilisi extending to its countryside. But, is it included in visa free countries for Philippine passport holders to visit?

If I can only live here for a longer time, I should have done it. But with its governing laws and policies, as a Philippine passport holder, I am granted a 30-day visa only, multiple entry valid for 120 days.

Visa Free Countries For Philippine Passport Holders

Unlike my first travel in this country, it was effortless as I have a supporting document as a resident of United Arab Emirates. But for my second and third travel, I have my Philippine passport as the ONLY document.

Is Georgia included in visa free countries for Philippine passport holders to visit?

To play safe and to make everything sure, the answer is NO. But there are exceptions if you are a visa holder or you have residence permits from EU/EFTA/GCC Countries.

For my case, I have my Philippine Passport only. So how did I do it?

This post are for Filipinos who are residing in the Philippines and for those who doesn’t have permanent address this time.

E-visa or online processing of visa is the answer. It is actually easy.

You just need a mobile/laptop/ desktop with wi-fi or internet connection.

A personal e-mail.

Valid Philippine passport that will not expire in the next 6 months.

Credit card (for the 20 USD payment of the e-visa)

Prepare an image of passport size photo with white background and image of your passport to be uploaded during the process.

Log-in to this link.

Fill-in the required datas.

It will guide you through. For my case, I leave the “other supporting document” blank.

Submit the application form.

Confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.

Read and understand the content of the e-mail. Follow the instructions.

Another e-mail will be sent to you for the processing of the payment. After the payment, one more e-mail will be sent indicating that your payment was received and your e-visa will be processed in the next 5 working days.

Visa Free Countries For Philippine Passport Holders

As indicated in the website also, you need to secure the following documents to be checked in the border:

*bank statement
*hotel reservation
*travel insurance

Easy? Yes, indeed.

Print all the documents mentioned above specially the e-visa

Present your passport with the printed visa on the border.

The immigration officer might or might not ask for your hotel reservation and other documents, but keep them ready.

If it’s taking time for the officer to check the pages of your passport, don’t worry, everything is fine.

Take it as one of the perks of a Philippine Passport holder when you have to wait at the immigration lane longer than others. For my case, other lane have finished already 5-10 other people while I am still waiting for the officer to stamp, give me back my passport and allow me to pass the border.

Georgia Travel Blog

Being in the border control of Armenia and Georgia for 6 times, I wasn’t nervous as the first one before. I was very afraid when the officer checked my Philippine passport and he asked me to go to another lane. Another case was he has to phone somebody. Next one, he has to go to another officer with my passport. Other one has to call somebody to countercheck something.

Well, those are some moments in the border. I’m a law abider, I don’t overstay. So nothing to worry about.

Is Georgia (Eurasia) Included in Visa Free Countries For Philippine Passport Holders to Visit?


Apply for e-visa.

Have fun and enjoy Georgia!


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