Georgia Travel Blog: How Much Did I Spend In Georgia for 30 Days

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Tbilisi Clock Tower

Georgia is my first solo travel way back September 2015. Then I came back to Georgia to do slow travels for 30 days from July 29- August 27, 2017. This post is my Georgia travel blog and on how I spent 476 USD for 30 days.

My familiarity with the place gave me the strength to go further. I travelled to the countryside to experience once more the simplicity and calming atmosphere.

As I mentioned, I spent 1,144 GEL or 476 USD in 30 days. I won’t bore you reading by giving you up to the smallest details how did I spent every single Lari or GEL (currency of Georgia.) If that’s the case I’ll better post the screenshots here.

Given that I just cross the borders of Baghartsen and Sadakhlo of Armenia and Georgia, I was able to save from flights. One-way from Yerevan to Tbilisi is 35 Lari.

Georgia Travel Blog

Sadakhlo Border Crossing from Armenia

How I spent and able to save?

Lots of walking. I wasn’t ripped off by expensive taxis this time. I didn’t care being lost and trying out to figure out maps. It’s a struggle though.

The more I get lost, the more I became aware of the off beaten streets. Walking is free but only with tired muscles and weakened knees for my case.

Georgia Travel Blog

Traditional Georgian Balcony

I used public transportation such as Metro and Marshrutka to go from one place to another which costs 2 Lari to 30 Lari.

I stayed in Guesthouses and Hostels which costs 10- 20 Lari per night with breakfast included in some. Thanks to all free meals offered specially to the many dinners and breakfast at Guesthouse Katia in Mestia.

Georgia Travel Blog

Tetnuldi Mountain, overlooking from Guesthouse Katia

I am used already to have my breakfast late. With this, I can save money for lunch. Though I don’t skip lunch but I have fruits, bread and junks in between. For dinners, I have spent like 7 Lari to 22 Lari per meal. The 22 Lari is expensive already. But being a solo, I have to pay for whole meal but I don’t really consume all the food. It is better to go by two’s or groups and share the meal.

For my last two days in Georgia, I have’t spent anything for meals. Let me use this space to say thank you for all the treats. I am really grateful.

Georgia Travel Blog

Adjarian Khachapuri

This is my favorite part, to explore. For 30 days, I’d been mainly in 3 places only: Tbilisi (The Capital,) Western Georgia (Kutaisi) and Northwest Georgia (Mestia.)

I haven’t availed many day tours for this trip. Mostly were DIYs. And it is fun. Another thank you again, I was able to save money for two days when the group of Armenians took me with them as we went around Western Georgia. Here’s a link of our adventures indicating the entrance fees of tourist spot in the Western Part.

I stayed in Western Part for 7 days. Spent 300 Lari for the whole stay.

Georgia Travel Blog

At the foot of Katskhi Pillar

After which, I moved to NorthWest which is in Upper Svaneti and stayed in Mestia. Such a wonderful place to explore. With glaciers, villages, rivers, hiking trails, animals it was really a place close to nature. Here, I did lots of walking again, in group or alone.

I was in Mestia for 11 days and spent 432.71 Lari the entire stay. For this amount and number of days, you can see the places I’d been to in this link.

Georgia Travel Blog

Chalaadi Glacier

Arriving and departing from Tbilisi, this charming city never failed to bring surprises. I kept on discovering interesting spots in everyday that I went out for walk.

In Tbilisi, I spent only for accommodation and food. And many, many kilometers walk. I will still get lost, but somehow I have better orientation with the city now.

Meeting old friends in Tbilisi and sharing meals made me save a lot. Joining the Tbilisi free walking tour has helped me understand better the history of Tbilisi and it is interesting. It’s a must to join one of these tours before going around.

Georgia Travel Blog

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

As much as I wanted to stay more, I have to leave the country as I was given 30 days visa only as a Philippine passport holder.

Georgia Travel Blog

How Did I Process My Georgian Visa

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