Gradina Botanica Cluj: The Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden in 11 Photos

Gradina botanica cluj

A day after exploring the streets of Cluj Napoca, we went again for another walk. This time, I was with Mandy, my roommate in the hostel. We went around and find our way to the Gradina Botanica Cluj or the botanical garden of Cluj. The garden is named after Alexandru Borza, a person who is prominent in the field of Biology in Romania.

Mandy and I were lost for a while but we appreciated the views while walking.

The botanical garden is a 14 hectare garden. It has 250 species of roses and 10, 000 species of plant collections.

Being used to go out solo, Mandy and I separated our ways while exploring the vast garden. Though in some part, we kept on meeting each other.

So here are the photos that I snapped while going around the botanical garden. These photos were taken during the month of October which is autumn season.

If you have photos during winter, please share. I really have no idea how this garden looks like during winter.

The amazonian water lillies…

gradina botanica cluj


The Japanese garden…

gradina botanica cluj


This tree’s branches look cool…

gradina botanica cluj


The flowering plants in their full bloom…


gradina botanica cluj

gradina botanica cluj

gradina botanica cluj


Few of the many beautiful landscapes…

gradina botanica cluj


The greenhouses… There are six and I can remember that I went only to the aquarium greenhouse and the greenhouse for ferns and orchids.

gradina botanica cluj


Monuments amidst the gardens…

gradina botanica cluj

I hope these photos of Gradina Botanica Cluj will make you add the garden to your itinerary during your travel to Cluj Napoca, Romania . With the photos above, hope you find or you’ve got any idea for a spot for your instagram photos.

The botanical garden is not limited within these 11 photos, you will discover more. I’ve even got lots of selfies.

For Mandy and me, it was a walk around the area as it was getting dark already. If we only arrived earlier, then we’d able to stay longer, just seat around and enjoy the place like what others did…

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