Hiking in Romania ( Autumn in Baiu Mountain)

Hiking in Romania through the trails of Baiului Mountain and discovering the colors of autumn is one of the great adventures I had in Carpathian Garden. Indeed, every day of my stay in Romania is a highlight, one amazing day to another perfect day.

The day started with a meeting at 0930H in the park. The organizers, Mountain Adventure Sinaia, advised us to prepare for an unpredictable weather. It might be raining or snowing and temperature may be freezing in the highlands. The latest update we received was about the strong winds in the mountain. Everybody was all set with thick clothes, gloves, bonnets, hiking shoes and others.

From Prahova we were transported to Azuga for a cable car. The scene is simply stunning giving us a better view following the cable of lined beautiful autumn foliage below. We were so focused to where we were heading of. But when we look to the other side, a snow-capped mountain rising above the sea of clouds greeted us. That was a serene moment that is hard to contemplate of how a beautiful nature we have.

The Gondola Ride

We were on top of the mountain with 1826 m altitude as the highest peak we reached with a magnificent view surrounding us. The weather is just perfect for hiking. I was in a company of total strangers but it didn’t matter though. I felt I am one them, I share the same passion they have.

Being the only one who doesn’t speak their language, I felt like I’ve got my personal English tour guides from the group. I wasn’t left alone. Who wouldn’t love to hear stories about the mountain while walking, a little bit of Romanian and Sinaia history and many beautiful stories?

The Trails of Baiu Mountain


Hiking Amidst Baiu Mountain

As we continued our ascent, the temperature became warm but the sun is somewhere hiding. It was perfect. As we totally wrapped ourselves for an extremely cold weather, we started removing layers like bonnets/caps, neck cover, thick jackets, extra trousers, socks and others. My mistake was I wore the thermal long sleeve first.


The pacing of the hike was good. We rested in between, took snacks. Nobody’s in a hurry after all. We get tired physically but we feel refreshed every time we look over the valleys. The beauty of nature gave us strength.


Natures’ Own Story


The Autumn Colors in Baiu Mountain

We passed by along rocky roads and some muddy paths because of melting snow. From afar we saw few hikers also who are coming to our way and they’re following one line. As we meet them, we greeted each other with smile, and you can feel the light feeling in spite of being tired.

From the top, we saw a valley and it is a farm with sheep and cows wandering around the meadows. We were heading there. We followed the trail until we reach the farm. One of the lady organizers welcomed us with a mulled wine. Even the huge Romanian shepherd dogs greeted us, wiggling their tails.

The Romanian Shepherd Dogs

We put down our backpacks and did whatever we wanted. Few went for a walk around, some gathered over a drink, others laid their mat on the ground and shared wonderful stories. We even have two toddlers playing, giggling, singing, dancing and running around. It was a perfect picture of freedom from any stresses in life. It was pure bliss that we experienced as we hiked in Romania and witnessed by  Baiului Mountain.


While each of us were having the best time of our lives, somebody were also preparing meals and we were served with fresh and organic tomatoes, cucumber, onion along with smoked bacon and sheep cheese as appetizers.

The table was never empty with food and drinks. In the kitchen, a traditional homemade food Mamaliga filled with cheese is being prepared. While some are enjoying their pork and chicken barbecue and sausages. Palinka, a traditional fruit brandy, was also served.

In that part of Transylvania, the land beyond the forest, good things never run out. Singing Romanian folk songs with a guitar and even my favorite Comoara Muntilor was played.

Before the dark comes, we packed our things to descend from the mountain. The temperature begun to drop and fog started to cover the place. We weren’t in a hurry though. As we bid goodbye, we witnessed the shepherd led the sheep, and there’s always the one who is being a stray. The cows were led to the barns.

We even tried to put around us the shepherd’s cloak and they were teasing me to imagine now the life of a shepherd. I didn’t get exactly what they mean but I think it was the loneliness of being alone in the wilderness.


The shepherd's cloak

The shepherd’s cloak

As the sun was setting, we started to follow the path to go home. It was totally dark, when we started to descend the mountain. The only source of light we have are coming from flashlights and headlights.

The organizers were responsible enough to lead us following a forest trail that I can’t even see what’s ahead. I’m afraid of the dark and we were in a middle of forest passing through fallen leaves, branches and roots. So I chose to be at the first ones who were descending with fears to be left behind.


The group I’m in seemed to be used in hiking through the dark and even in a steep and slippery trail. No wonder, I was the one who slipped first. (Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa lakas ng sigaw ko, pero dali-dali naman akong tumayo na parang walang nangyari.) And the journey goes on.

I don’t know if others experienced to slip off. But it happened again to me for the second time. One of the hikers taught me to move sideways to gain balance. It worked. I avoided following one line fearing that I’ll slip off again and I might accidentally push the one in front of me. (At oo nga, pumangatlo pa, nakakaiyak na sa sakit ng paa at nginig ng tuhod.) But that was all part of the adventure and fun. Hiking that time means falling and slipping off. And I wouldn’t trade anything for that experience.

Hiking Through the Darkness


In 1-2-3… S-L-I-D-E !!!

When we were past the trail with fallen leaves, we followed a muddy path. And from afar, I heard water flowing down the river until we get so close and we have to actually cross the river through the rocks and stone formations.

Finally, we were walking already in muddy plain and I haven’t heard even one who complained. I thought we will be bidding goodbye just like that.



It was still a long hike to reach the center. And on that mountainside in Busteni, a group of more than 50 people, walked with passion and love with the mountain while singing their most loved Romanian folk songs guided with a tune from the strings of a guitar.

Until it was time to go home at past 10 in the evening. I can’t really remember saying goodbye but all I know is that I was thankful to everybody who made that day worthy to be cherished for a lifetime. Hiking in Romania is indeed a memorable experience.

(Photo Credits: Mountain Adventure Sinaia)



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  • What a great feeling it is to open your eyes and find a cloud sea in front. It so sure is a breathtaking view.

  • This is a paradise. The place, the view and the weather seems really amazing. I would love to do a hike and visit this haven as well.

  • Marge says:

    That first photo, is that a sea of clouds? Oh my god that looks surreal! I can imagine how cold it might be up there judging by the thickness of the fog. I know how you mean about being tired in a hike but feeling refreshed upon the beautiful view. Reminds us that some beautiful things can only be seen after some great effort. That shepherd’s cloak look cute!

  • Indrani says:

    Incredible journey and superb views!
    I can fully relate to being physically tired yet getting refreshed by the sights.

  • neha says:

    This place strongly reminds me of Ooty. Particularly the sea of clouds and the beautiful colors of fauna.. I had gone there post monsoons in August and totally loved it there.

  • Wow, great place to visit! Romania, is nice place, but never thought about winter visit. So much fun you had guys. Thanks for sharing, such a unique experience.

  • Danica says:

    OMG Romania is so beautiful. And your pictures too! I haven’t tried hiking on a winter day yet and this made me wanna do it within the next years. Thanks for this!

  • Vyjay says:

    Autumn is a very colourful and bright season. A great time to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature. The Baiu mountains seem to be an ideal place to head out to in Autumn for some breathtaking views. Stunning pictures bring alive the beauty very well.

  • Darlene says:

    oh my! Those views are incredible. The landscape looks so surreal with the sea of clouds! I would like to try that shepherd’s cloak too looks fun! I’ve always wondered what the Carpathian mountains look like. Thanks for sharing!

  • The photo of the sea of clouds is killing me! Thats so beautiful! Its worth the hike. And the view of the greenland is equally amazing! Nice adventure here! Hope to visit Romania someday 🙂

    • Louiela Ann Louiela Ann says:

      at maraming gwapo..:) mga ala Baste Duterte,, or ung mga knight in shining armor na mga character sa pocketbooks,,,, hehehe

  • Iris says:

    Gosh I didnt know you had these views in Romania! I love the mountain pictures, bravo to you for the shots, you have good eye!

  • Christina says:

    Sounds like a nice hiking adventure. I like how the hike was done at a good pace with breaks for snacks. The view at the end definitely seemed like it was worth it. I am myself don’t like hiking in the dark as I am so clumsy! Glad you made it back okay and were able to share with us this wonderful place.

  • Johann says:

    Wonderful trek you had. I’d give anything to go and capture the views and feel the pain and tiredness. Time stops when you are involved in something like this.

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