How Truly Rich Club Will Help You Soon

Truly Rich Club


What is TRC?
TRC stands for Truly Rich Club.

Who is the person behind TRC?
Bo Sanchez is the person who started the idea about TRC which he followed from a company in the U.S. (If which company, I have no idea.)
Aside from Bo Sanchez, in TRC are his mentors and of course, the members of the club including myself and FEW of my friends.


What is the purpose of TRC?
This isn’t an official statement from TRC, it is just coming from my own point of view who’s been in the Club for a few years now.


So, I would like to change the question to “How did TRC helped me… and how it will help you soon?”

1. It teaches financial literacy
2. Inspires you to invest your money wisely.
3. Prepared a program for you to help you start your journey towards investing in Philippine Stock Market.
4. Encourages you to make a move and embrace appropriate risks when it comes to investing in Philippine Stock Market.
5. Strengthens your desire to become rich.
6. Hand by hand, it will guide you through baby steps towards Philippine Stock Market.
7. Hold your hand tight when you feel lost in the maze in the market.
8. Shed you light during dark times in Stock Market.
9. Help you keep the faith during roller coaster movement of the market.
10. Awakens your deepest emotional why’s why you need to invest.


If you notice, I’ve mentioned stock market here and there. Yes, Truly Rich Club is more of being a mentor towards investing in Philippine Stock Market. But it doesn’t end there. Being a member, I have received this message yesterday,

Be happy over the success of others. Envy and jealousy blind you to the blessings that surround you. Focus on your blessings instead of what you lack.


But why I am giving an effort to write all these stuff?

Once upon a time, I wanted to leave my job. I wasn’t happy. But when I tried to calculate my savings, it’s a shame to call it savings. I don’t have!!! It is even negative.

That was the time, a friend introduced to me TRC. Oooopppsss, she doesn’t have any idea about it as well. She was just looking for a partner in crime to go on and take risks.

Thank God, this friend chose me. I didn’t gave her a hard time to convince me. We were already doing crimes back in college years. (Seriously, it is a crime not to tell your housemates that the food they ate was something that was shared with a pet cat.)

But, TRC isn’t doing a crime. With all honesty, it is the best decision I’ve made when it comes to money. It is better than shopping and buying discounted items, using credit cards but please, spare travelingšŸ˜Š I love to travel, please don’t take that away from me.

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So there goes my boring story again. Let’s go back to TRC.

I hope that you’ll be that friend also who’s looking for a way to save, invest and learn… Will you make it difficult for me to convince you?

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Be a member of Truly Rich Club… Click HERE.

Avail your free e-book… Click HERE.

To read more about TRC… Click HERE.

Hope you start your journey soon. TRC will help you and guide you along the way. See you on the road.

One day, for sure, you’ll thank me for the effort for writing this down.

Be a part of Truly Rich Club now. You’ll realize sooner that it’s the best gift and decision you have ever made for yourself.

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