Kandyan Dance: Sri Lankan Traditional Dance


Sri Lankan traditional dance

Going around and exploring unknown places are both tiring and rewarding. After a day of walking around it is time now to rest and be refreshed with a one-hour cultural show. It is time to witness a Sri Lankan Traditional Dance. To recharge and engulf one’s self and be entertained with a Kandyan Dance.


The hall was filled with an audience of different nationalities. Everybody was eager to witness the show.

At 5pm, the sound of a blown conch of the shell followed by ceremonial drums or magul bera filled the hall.

The stage opened.

Blowing of the shell and the drums are an ancient customs when presenting ritual music to seek the guardian gods of the land.

Kandyan dance showcases Puja Dance where girls carry oil lamps as an offering, folk dance using tambourine accompanied by singing of both male and female dancers, Naga Gurulu, tea plucking dance, Pantheru Natuma, Salupaliya, Peacock dance, Fire dance, Ves Natuma where a dancer is wearing a traditional attire with 64 ornaments to complete the attire that symbolizes the rays of the sun; and the drum orchestra.






Gini Sisila or Fire Dance showing a power of charms over fire and it includes fire eating.
It was entertaining. By mere watching the Sri Lankan traditional dance it somehow made me connect to Kandyan traditions, belief and culture. The dancers portrayed it well with passion, gestures and able to relay the story and message of each act.

After an hour of cultural dance, they ushered us outside the hall to an open place. We gathered around a burning charcoal to witness fire walking. They kept on putting a liquid material, a gasoline maybe, to keep the fire blazing. And the show began.

The fire dance looks like a magic for me. How come they don’t get burned? But prior to each act, the performers do some rituals to seek for the protection of the gods.


Isn’t it wonderful that they have this deep connection and faith to what they believe that they can portray some supernatural act?

I hope it is that easy for me as well to find those inner connections.


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