My Future Dream Includes A Walk To Elia Eklesia

My future dream

We all have big dreams, aspirations and hopes. For me, if it is not home, I would still love to go back and take a rewarding walk to Elia Eklesia. It is still my future dream. One of the many dreams.

Walk by faith and not by sight.

Elia Eklesia is a small church tucked deep in Caucasus Mountain, Kazbegi. It is underrated. I can’t find any information even from Google (English.) I’ve just known about this hidden gem from the locals. I even hardly found it on online maps.

But, yes.

I’d been to Elia Eklesia not once but twice. I would even love to go back there again and again. Who would even say no to a magical hike of around 2 kms.

Passing by the village, not sure where to go, I asked every local that I met where is Elia Eklesia. They know it very well.

As I was all alone, I have to go further away from the village and search for Elia Eklesia by myself. Eventhough with fears, I was determined to reach the place. Suddenly it appeared on my map. I was on the right track.

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I passed by meadows, with cows and horses. And go deep and high through the pine trees. The gushing wind gave me chills though. Nature gave me goosebumps.

I have to stop and look around. Such a beautiful world we have. The surrounding Caucasus Mountains are just magnificent.

I continued my hike at a slower pace. The ascent was tiring.

I finally reached. I was so amazed. No words can describe what I felt.

“What future lies beyond the stars, those dazzling heights too vast to climb.

I got so high to fall so far…

But I found Heaven as love swept low.

My heart beating, my soul breathing…

I found my life when I laid it down.

Upward falling, spirit soaring…

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground…”

The song “Touch the Sky” by Hillsong kept on repeating in my head that moment.

Here’s few photos of my memorable hike to Elia Eklesia and you’ll realize why it is still my future dream and I hope yours, too.

My future dream

I woke up with this sunrise-kissed Mt Kazbek


My future dream

I just loved staring at those giant mountains.



My future dream

The horses along the way… Me, horses and the vast universe…


Passing by those trees, the ascent started.


And these what awaits…

All, for me.

My future dream

my future dream

my future dream


Being in a wondrous place like this… Serene and solemn, I can only dream and imagine and see life at its best. I took the chance to say a prayer inside the Church and thank God for His exceeding love and kindness towards me.

This is how Elia Eklesia looks inside…




And this was my favorite spot. I love that tree. Comforting, it is…

It served as my confidante. It may not be able to read my thoughts, longing, hopes and wishes during those moments but it served as a witness for my future dreams.

my future dream


Here are other photos of my future dream. Fascinating in every angle.

my future dream




This is me again. Simply happy and proud of this humbling visit to Elia Eklesia…

my future dream


Make your dreams come true and be amazed…

You’ll never REGRET saying YES!

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