Piece of Advice for Younger Filipinos with Nomadic Heart


At the present time, we see on social media sites people moving around, exploring places after one. And as a young child, you’re hoping that one day you’ll be one of them or your dream to be like Columbus or Magellan who explored and traveled the world.

If I would have to reframe how I spent my previous years, I would have to do it as follows:

Since I can’t turn back the time, I’ll make it as a piece of advice to the younger generation.


I. Finish your studies. Don’t neglect education. Most of our parents wish is to see us graduate. It will be our give back time to them who nurtured us. Don’t worry; it is their responsibility to send us to school. Avail that right of yours as a child of your parents. Not all have this privilege. I look up to the students who are working hard to support their studies.


II. Earn from your allowance. Save even few pennies. Put in your mind that your parents won’t give you allowance after you graduate.



III. Focus on what you want and of your passion. It will make your life easier and less stress during your college life.


IV. Supposedly, you graduated by the age of 22, take the licensure examinations needed and pass them as soon as possible.


V. Enjoy and take easy during your job hunting days. Remember you still have money you saved from your allowance. But be aware of your limitations and restrictions if until when and where your savings will take you.


VI. Love your job and pay respect to the company who take you as a newbie. Learn from them. Earn the maximum experience they can give you.




VII. As soon as you receive your first salary, be wise. Budget. Budget. Budget. The best rule of budgeting I can share to you is the Abundance Formula of Bo Sanchez which is 100-10-20-70.

 Make 100%– earn your salary as full amount, no debts

Magnify your 10%– tithing, giving back to God because He first gave you everything and enjoy the blessings that come with it.

Multiply your 20%– invest, build your wealth over time

Manage your 70%– live within this budget, not above your means

If you stick to this plan, you’ll notice later on that you are becoming responsible in handling your finances.


VIII. Start investment or investments immediately. You don’t know how? You’re not alone. I didn’t know how either. But I chose the will to learn. I have my heaven-sent guide that worked for me the best. Super! It’s not a secret at all, and I’m going to tell it to you as well. It is the Truly Rich Club. If I will mention the benefits here now, then you’ll finish reading maybe tomorrow.


IX. Have an extended family to support? Not bad at all. But be cautious as well. Are you helping the ones who are able to work? Of course not. Help the one who is too old or too weak to support his or her needs. Don’t forget also the ones who have helped you along the way. But please, don’t teach them to depend on you. Learn to refuse. Sometimes saying “no” is a great achievement. Let me clear this one more time. Don’t think about the attitude of selfishness. It is far from that. Every penny is a fruit of a hard work.


X. Continue to work but take it easy. Go out with friends sometimes, dine out, recreate or otherwise you’ll be burnt out with your job.


XI. If you are planning to work abroad, prepare yourself, your money and give time to learn and be aware of the laws, policies and culture of the country you are dreaming to work with.



XII. Supposedly you are 27 years old and still single. Please don’t argue with me at this point. Because if I am still 27 years old, started to work since I’m 22, had savings and investments since then, for sure by the age of 27, I will take a mid-career break to explore the local’s famous tourist spots and the hidden natural reserves, go for my dream trip and if I’m bold enough I will do a round the world trip and let destiny decide for me after.

But I am past this supposedly dream, I am more than 27 years old and I am in the phase of chasing dreams. This is the main reason why I am passing these pieces of advices to younger Filipinos with nomadic hearts.


And when to settle down? Ooopppsss.. I don’t know. That’s beyond the scope of this post. Maybe we’ll go back to #VII and start from there to think about settling down. To be honest, I don’t know.

Nomadic heart


But don’t worry. I know many singles on both genders but more on women who are still enjoying the prime of their lives at the age of 27 and up and up from nomadic population and friends who are in the field of a corporate job.

If you would ask me if ever I have regrets, honestly, yes. I regret the time not managed well. But to think of it, it’s not too late and I consider everything that happened at a perfect time in God’s will.

My point is, utilize your time and money very well.

And if you think the above mentioned are impossible, adjust the age bracket. And if it is still far from the horizon for you to achieve it, don’t let your dreams leave you behind. Keep them in your heart and mind, because among the millions of dreams some of them do come true even in the most difficult time.


Louiela Ann

A dream chaser… Louiela is an OFW based in UAE…
A small town girl from Kiamba, Sarangani Province…
A Nurse by profession who injected herself with much wanderlust.
You can find her easily online.


  • Marge says:

    You made sound advice here especially when it comes to saving. If there is one thing I’d tell my young self it’s to save early. I was really bad at it, now I’m in my 30s and I don’t have much in the bank. But it’s not too late, I am now trying hard to change the situation. Better to start now than never.

    And so to the young people it is also the one advice I like to give them. To pursue their passion, whatever it is, but to save money early in life.

    • Louiela Ann Louiela Ann says:

      It is still our perfect time Marge,,, though we share the same sentiment,… I hope the younger population of nomads will learn from us…

  • Maria says:

    Good moved Ann….hopefully you can share also what investments you get into it..

  • Elle tobak says:

    Very practical article Louiela.
    I am 33 and I never think to get married or start a family because I have. Other sources of fulfillment.
    For me settle down is finding peace within and purpose in all my experiences.
    I travel extensively without my beloved but this only enhances our passion and appreciation of each other.
    I think its very important to figure out what we wantbin life ,because most of the time we chase goals of questionable importance.
    I wish you many trips to inspire your writing and heart!

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