Places To See In Kakheti, Georgia


Kakheti Region is in the eastern part of Georgia. Known as one the cradle of wine production, Kakheti is diverse as well in terms of nature, climate and monasteries. Yes, there is so much to do and see in this region of Kakheti, Georgia.

The following awed me while I was in this region. These are the places to see and things to do.

  • Visit the 100 plus years Plane tree in Telavi. It just feels wonderful to be close to nature that has been there for more than 10 decades. It’s not eerie, but for me, I would be hesitant to come too close but still, I did.



  • Walk around the grape plantation. The best time to do it is during harvest time which is the autumn season. Try the different varieties of grapes. Eventhough you aren’t the meticulous type of a person, you can tell that there’s a difference in the taste for each variety.



  • Come close to an herd of sheep along the meadows. Just make sure to approach the shepherd first. Or better not to invade the area or the shepherd dogs are on the lookout.



  • Gremi Church- built in 1565, shows a late medieval Kakhetian architecture.
    Stunning Church built on an uphill. The colorful church looks more scenic with the colors of autumn.


  • Nekresi Monastery- a 4th century Church, considered as one of the oldest Christian churches in Georgia.
    I’ve seen it perched high up on the mountain. As much I love to hike, I didn’t have enough time and rain seemed to pour down anytime.


  • Kvareli Lake
    Leisurely spend time here to recharge a nature lover soul. Lingeringly gave to the reflections of the surrounding trees to the calm waters of the lake.
    One can do fishing.



I’ve seen and done the mentioned above as complimentary tour which is a part of my 2-night complimentary stay at Paradise Investment Resort.

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  • Sighnaghi is another town of Kakheti. Quaint and charming, this another cobbled town can be leisurely walked around in a day. While the wonderful view of Alazani valley is just around to amaze us. As it was raining the next day, I haven’t walk to Bodbe Monastery.




  • Tusheti is also part of Kakheti region. It is a place I wish to see soon and hoping to experience hiking to the Tushetian Mountains along the migration of sheep and shepherds to move back to the highlands for summer.


  • Visiting the David Gareja Monastery complex, still in the region of Kakheti was one of the highlights of my trip to Georgia two years ago. A 6th-century monastery where cells are completely carved in a rock. Hiking further to the uphill, you can already see the mountains of Azerbaijan.


Kakheti Region, Georgia is indeed a dreamy place which one must explore once in Georgia.

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