Processing A Clearance

Quitting a job, transferring to another company or ending a contract is really stressful not unless we are waiting for that day. However, whatever we feel about making decisions like these, we still need to follow a process. May these decisions will serve us best.

Process and policy vary from each company. It also depends of the laws of the government of a country we are working with. 

This post is written mainly for my colleagues (ex-colleagues/nurses) who are on their way of leaving the company where I once worked. 

Here’s a simplified guide:

  1. So you have given already the notice to leave the company. (It should be three months, right?) At this time, try to be the best employee you can be (wink, wink.) And save your salary.
  2. Be aware that you have to undergo clearances. Note: you can start processing your clearance three (3) days before your last working period) 
  3. On your last week, you can go to HR to take the clearance form. Note: by this time, you can check your manager’s schedule. The person might be off or will be going for a holiday. You don’t want to delay finishing the clearance, that’s for sure.
  4. If you can get the signature of your manager first, the better. Then you can chase the DON. You know, it is difficult to run after the managers and head of your own department. So better start the clearance early.
  5. Otherwise, you can visit the MMD and get the signature.
  6. Finance Department? Nah, not yet. Clearance with the House In-charge, Hospital store and IT department should be done FIRST.
  7. Housing In-Charge and Hospital store will be signed by same person, the office is in the HR but, 1. bring and return the uniforms (pink shirt and violet shirt are not included.) 2. bring the locker keys and take note of the location (ex. Ground floor staff lounge, locker #6.) 3. if you are staying in the accommodation, you have to settle it as well
  8. And now, a visit to the IT Department. Are you ready to surrender your ID and access card? Do you have any unfinished business/documentation/notes in your EMR account? Do you want to say masalamah to all your colleagues through your e-mail account? Then do it before heading to the IT Department. If you are all set, you can do the clearance with the IT, everything be cleared and deactivated.
  9. After getting those signatures, say hello now to the Finance Department. By this time, they’ll prepare the final settlement including the last salary, gratuity, annual leaves, overtime and others. You cannot take the cheque nor they will deposit the money yet. They’ll ask or phone you to come back some other day to sign a paper stating the calculation. You cannot get hold of the cheque/money yet. They’ll just call you again oncethe cheque is ready.
  10. Then to HR . I hope they’re not too busy and no ongoing applicants’ interview otherwise you’ll wait for a longer time. At the HR you’ll both review if there are any annual leave balance, overtime and other stuff. They’ll take your HAAD License and they’ll ask you to submit your passport, EID and insurance card to the head office. Note: From hospital to head office will cost you around 40 aed for taxi fare. Plan better how you will not spend that big amount.
  11. Make sure that the PRO is in the office before going there, or no one will receive your documents and you have to go back again the next day.
  12. After you submit the documents, the PRO will do their job and proceed with the cancellation of visa. All you have to do is to wait. 
  13. If it took them like forever to call you back, you’re free to call the office to ask for any updates.
  14. After cancellation, you’ll go back to the HR to take back your passport and cancellation papers. 
  15. The HR will give you some papers to sign and instructions then you can go to Finance Office to take your cheque then deposit to your bank.

That’s it… Goodluck for your future endeavors in life and in your career. See you on the road.

Dear Fellow Nurses

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  • Maida. says:

    Thanks Lou! We miss u already….good luck and God bless your next journey. ..

  • Pristine says:

    Sana susunod narin kami. Hahaha. Nag alisan na lahat. 🙁

  • Cathy says:

    Upon reading your post, seems like a long process before you’re finally able to move out and leave. But of course, varies on the company. I am moving abroad too, I’m under a company but most likely freelance, yet not leaving this job because it’s flexible and provides the breath of freedom. But good luck to you. May you have a wonderful journey ahead of you and stay safe! X

    • Louiela Ann says:

      Thanks Cathy… sinabi mo pa, the 3-month notice is too much parusa for me hehehe… I would love to hear about your freelance job as well,

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