Recognizing The Star, Charles Aznavour, In Rabati Castle

Charles Aznavour

And I recognized the star, Charles Aznavour in Rabati Castle, Akhaltsikhe, Georgia….

Once upon a time in Yerevan, Armenia, there were two persons, let’s say they’re not ordinary persons. One, is a lady, a public figure in France. The other one, a gentleman, will soon be an Armenian Criminal Psychologist. 

Of course, I was there munching sunflower seeds. 

I was part of the ongoing conversation when Ms French noticed a portrait on the wall where photos of famous Armenians were put together. Kim Kardashian’s photo is there as well, the only person I recognized. 

With that portrait, a kind of debate started. It was because of Charles Aznavour. (I have no idea who he is during this time.) Ms French is not convinced and not really happy why his photo is included in the photos of Armenians. She’s claiming that Charles Aznavour is French and she is sure about it. She said, if there are ten most recognized singer in France, Charles Aznavour will be surely one of them. He is one of France’s legacy.

And Ms French was like, “Why does Armenia take our legacy?”

Then the Armenian guy has to say something as well. He is insisting that Charles Aznavour is Armenian by blood. And he even has a home in Yerevan, Armenia. He’s sure that Charles is Armenian.

And me? I have nothing to say. I was just listening to them.

Both of them are sure about what they know. But the problem is, they are claiming two different ideas to be the correct one. So which is which…


According to Google, both of them are right. 

Charles parents who are Armenians were traveling at the time to France and they were waiting for their US Visa. While waiting, Charles mother gave birth to him in France. 

That is what they’ve found in Google.

But why am I writing this? 

Few months after that conversation, I came to Akhaltsikhe, Georgia.

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After spending 5 hours in Rabati Castle, a 9th-century castle in Akhaltsikhe, I found 2 stars of fame near the entrance.

Rabati Castle

I recognized one of the stars.

I was wondering why on one star, Charles Aznavour’s name is encrypted? 

Nobody can answer my question so I went to the tourist information. 

I was really curious why after a French and Armenian debated about the nationality of Charles, and now, in Georgia, I found his name as well. It is even imprinted in the iconic Castle of Akhaltsikhe. 

Why should his name be there if he is French and Armenian?

I was intrigued.

The information I got was, Charles also lived in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia.

I kept on searching till I found an article. It says that after the restoration of Rabati Castle last 2012,  Charles Aznavour made the opening act and this is what he said, “As you know my father was born in Akhaltsikhe, so we are compatriots. If my father had not migrated, I would have lived with you.”

You can read the full article here.


It doesn’t matter if where we are coming from or what is our nationality. If we are giving out our best or talents to share and bless the world, people around from all walks of life will just simply love and be proud of us.

Let that star shine and keep on chasing our dreams.

How about us? What is our special gift that we can offer to bless the world?

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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