Romania Legends: Bran Castle Also Known As Dracula’s Castle

Bran Castle will be celebrating its 640th year since it was documented. It became a medieval fortress and a royal residence. It has been tested through wars, changes of Kings and communism. Bran Castle is famous being connected to Romania legends.

For many, Bran Castle is famed to be the Dracula’s Castle as depicted by Bram Stoker in his well-known novel, Dracula.

Our expectation is… it is haunted and spooky. You might even bring garlic or plan something to do in the castle known for its Romania legends. But I want to spoil those assumptions. Here’s the beautiful Bran Castle…

Romania legends



Romania Legends

Well, there is nothing wrong with expectations. It is just you should be flexible that what you expect might not be met, and you should promise to make no room for disappointments.

Bran Castle has nothing to do at all with vampires. It is indeed a beautiful castle where royals have lived and houses beautiful memories and replicas of what has been there. The displays inside are original stuff and models while the real ones are kept in other museums. Displays of traditional Romanian costumes and Coat of Arms can be seen there and even what the King wore.

If you go and visit the place pay attention to the original walls not being repainted and renovated. They usually appear in squares.

There is one wall also where a single rectangular rotating wood serves as a window and it is one of the original structures of Bran that they kept. Try to push the wood, it won’t fall, and a breeze of air and beautiful view will welcome you. The view will just take your breath away and seems like it will tell you a story that will start with ‘once upon a time.’

Romania legends

Don’t skip the Torture Room. You might not be interested, but if you’re inside the room it will awaken your curiosity. Your imagination will start to think how those stuff inside are being used to torture a person.

You might be wondering if how does Bran Castle is being connected to Romania legends as Dracula’s Castle…

Here it is as described in the novel, Dracula… “. . . on the very edge of a terrific precipice . . . with occasionally a deep rift where there is a chasm [with] silver threads where the rivers wind in deep gorges through the forests.”

This is Bran Castle known as Dracula’s Castle…

Romania legends

Romania legends

According to my guide, Bran Castle becomes spooky only during Halloween to host the party. But last year, October 2016, Airbnb hosted two persons to sleep in the castle. It happened for the first time in 70 years. The twist of the event was themed with the Halloween and the winners slept in a coffin.

Lucky and unlucky me, I was there while they were preparing the room. I beg to the guards to let me see or go inside. But they didn’t allow me… However, I was able to sneak peek these two photos😉

Romania Legends

Romania legends


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