Salt Mine Romania And Its Underground Wonders in 14 Photos

Salt Mine Romania

While being in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, we went for a trip to Salina Turda or known as the underground salt mine in Romania which is now an amusement park. It is a must see place as it is full of wonders.

The salt is even considered as the white gold.

Salina Turda is located 137 feet below the ground. From the entrance, we passed by a long tunnel-like or cave like passage of salt. How did I know they were made of salt? By taste, of course…😃😃😃

I was with Mandy, the lady and instant friend and my roommate from the hostel. We kept on walking totally amazed with the passage till we reached the other end. That deserves a good laugh though, we haven’t seen much and we were on the exit already. We missed the other way going to the lift. We made our way back to find the way down.

This tunnel or passage has a hypnotic effect (for me and Mandy.) It was cool and cold, we forgot everything. We only enjoyed the moment passing through it till we realize we are on the other end.

Salt Mine Romania


The salt stalactites… As I said, I tasted it…😁

salt mine romania


Just our luck that we went to see salina turda because they’ll be closing it in few days for a movie shoot. This is what the tour guide told to his group. I was eavesdropping. Sshhhhh…

There are descriptions along the way, if you’re patient to read and understand them, that’s cool. But not my style, I’ll just take a look or take a photo.


The drill for salt (as per the description)…

salt mine romania


Pulley for transporting the salt..

salt mine romania

Salt mine Romania

Still, one of the equipments of the salt mine…

salt mine romania


Looks like we are on the outer space? No, we are on the underground…

Salt Mine Romania


Will you go boating in an underground salt lake if there’s a warning posted like this?

Salt Mine Romania

Row, row, row your boat gently down this salt lake…

I was just conquering again here one of my fears… (fear of drowning in a body of water with crocodiles…) This time, I didn’t try to taste if the water is really salty…

Salt Mine Romania


This is just another epic fail selfie… On the left side is the Ferris Wheel..

Salt mine Romania


Amazed with the caves of salt forming stalactites…

There’s a place also called the echo room and for sure you won’t miss it as even your slightest footsteps echoes…

The unidentified sitting dreamer in sci-fi themed park…salt mine romania


And this is Mandy… After we explored Salina Turda, I went back to the hostel alone, took my things and headed to Maramures, Romania… While Mandy stayed to walk along the canyons, went to Brasov and explored mostly Eastern Europe…


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