A Stay in Uptown Boutique Kazbegi, A Dream Came True

Uptown Boutique

Two years ago, I braved to travel solo to Georgia. I felt so anxious but I was trying to pretend that I was excited. I set aside the fear and took the risk. Two years after, I am here in Georgia again, for the third time.

Two years ago, I set foot in Kazbegi. The first thing that caught my attention is the shimmering Mt. Kazbek. I told myself, I’ll be back to this place and even dreamt of hiking to Kazbek. 

Here I am now, in Kazbegi. I planned to stay for two nights. But this small town has so much to offer that it holds me back and I don’t want to leave yet. I am traveling slow and loving the mountains.

Being here for few days, I can say what will make ones stay in Kazbegi a perfect and memorable one. And that is, to wake up in the morning with the Gergetti Trinity Church and Mt Kazbek just from your window or terrace views.

Uptown Boutique

Mt Kazbek and Gergetti Trinity Church, my view from the terrace

As for me, I had this experience in Uptown Boutique Kazbegi.  My room is in the third level with a terrace. But even with just the window views, I am already happy. The room has its twin bed, a wardrobe and a table and chair to work with. Wi-fi is very good and fast, but I haven’t use it as much. The bathroom is outside to be shared with another room.

The best day of my stay was the next day. It was the time when I just had to lay in the bed, with the curtain open, when the sky is so clear and I just have to stare to Mt Kazbek and Gergetti Trinity Church under the blue sky. It is in the morning, when the orange hued rays of the sun rising from the other side reflects to Mt Kazbek giving it an orangy sunrise kissed color. A mesmerizing view to start a day. 

Uptown Boutique

My window views

uptown boutique

uptown boutique

My room…

As much as I love to stay in my room the whole day, I have to go out and take a hike. The location of Uptown Boutique Kazbegi is so perfect to start planning your activities in Kazbegi. 

It is 2.5 kms to Elia Eklesias, wherein I went to visit twice. If Gergetti Trinity Church is so visible from Uptown Boutique, it means we can hike up as well and there were many trails available going up. 

The marshrutka station from Tbilisi is only around 300 meters away from Uptown Boutique. It is close to many grocery stores and fruit stands as well. Nearby is the tourist information. But the owner itself, Gela, is too helpful to help you plan your stay and activities.

uptown boutique

The reception

Uptown Boutique Kazbegi is a home for me in Kazbegi. Aside from my favorite window and terrace view, it has also a bar, a wooden veranda still with the amazing views of Mt. Kazbek. On its lawn, a hammock is waiting for you or you can simply sit on the wooden chairs around. 

uptown boutique

uptown boutique

uptown boutique

uptown boutique

uptown boutique

The lawn is decorated with empty wine bottles and there were flowering plants.

uptown boutique

uptown boutique 

The wall of the shared lounge is filled with posters with kind notes from guests all over the world who stayed in Uptown Boutique Kazbegi since it was opened last October 1, 2016. 

I always say and believe, the best is yet to come. Uptown Boutique Kazbegi was just once in my imagination. It is indeed another dream becoming a reality to stay in a property like Uptown Boutique Kazbegi.

My stay in Uptown Boutique Kazbegi for two days were complimentary . Thanks, Gela.


Uptown Boutique Kazbegi

V.Pshavela str.14, Stepantsminda

+995 551 90 10 85

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  • Travel Tips says:

    I think I have a good reason to try this place! those wine bottles are calling me!

  • Noel says:

    Are these gorgeous mountains views limited to areas such as Kazbegi or you could pretty much have the mountains views all over Georgia?

    Your photos with the mountains as back draft are so enticing.

  • Fantastic place. I wouldn’t think about visiting it if didn’t see your post. Mountains behind the window is cool thing to have

  • Ann says:

    We love the mountains also so this can be added to our to-go-list. Looks like it was a fine day and you had a great hike there! And the wine is inviting 🙂

  • neha says:

    Those views are so stunning – I could keep looking at them forever. I really envy you for staying in a room with such a great view.Besides, I would love to go stay here when I get a chance

  • amit says:

    I’ve thought about heading out to Gorgea a few times now, a few friends have been before and they really rave on about it, I’m not sure if any hiked Mt Kazbek. I can relate to the view though, when I lived in queenstown in New Zealand I would wake up the view of snow capped mountains all around me. I have to say as well this boutique looks gorgeous, I’d definitely chose to stay here if I came here. I love the layout of the place 😀 – I can see myself with a beer laying in one of those hammocks

  • Jim Jones says:

    Wow, what a beautiful place. The mountain is amazing, and your photos are really pretty. I can almost smell the clean, fresh mountain air! Kazbegi seems very rural and rustic…but also seems like a great place for a relaxing visit into nature.

  • Ami says:

    The mountain views itself are a reason for me to get here. To wake up to those views and see the sunrise on those peaks must be really heavenly. The place itself looks comfortable. A good pick.

  • Johna says:

    Wowwww. This is so beautiful!!! That viewww 😍 I would love to visit this place, so dreamy!

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