We Were Taken To The Police Station (One Day in Armenia)

we were taken to the police station

Inside the police car on our way to the police station

June 27, 2017 around 08:00 in the morning. Yerevan, Armenia.

We were taken to the Police Station.
Nobody expected that we will land in a police station. But yes, we were taken by the police early in the morning. It was a disaster, bothersome and there’s no reason to be funny at all… Just to alleviate the tension, our disappointments and how we feel so pissed off, we just made our best to lighten the situation we were in. Thanks to the crazy bunch again and again.

June 26, 2017.
The usual happy hostel vibe. We’re excited for our trip the next day. We planned to do a DIY trip to see some ruins. We asked Guest L to join us so he can help us to communicate with the drivers because we really don’t know where to go. It ended up that 5 of us will be going. Our trip was organized.

The supposedly planned trip that we have to cancel because we were taken to the police station

Late afternoon, Guest G and J who came from a 25 km walk arrived and we were teasing them if they can still walk the next day. They had an awesome trekking anyway from Garni to Geghard.

Two ladies, Guest V and A arrived also in the hostel and the more we became merrier. All 12-beds in the hostel were occupied that day with other guests such E, S, D, K and T.

I was planning to sleep early and that’s really impossible. Unless I wanted to miss the fun. Different personalities but blends well. I cannot even remember what we were talking about until we just decided to sleep… It seems we were talking about guest L who had some scratches in his chest done by a girl. I am not sure though. That was past 12 midnight and we’re still awake. Some slept at 1 am or 2 or 3 or 4 am…

Having fun… Cheers!

Everybody became silent and fall asleep (well, I’m not sure) not until the lights were turned on and I heard some people talking. That was only 0430 in the morning. We usually wake up around 9 am and I even wake up at 11 or 12.

I planned to go back to sleep but I heard one of the guests is searching and complaining about his lost backpack with laptop, money, credit card, cellphone and some stuff in it.

Most of us got up anyway. There were 12 of us except for one who’s on his deep sleep. For someone who just woke up, it is really difficult to go back to your senses and understand everything. I still cannot understand the sequence of what happened. All I know is that the lost backpack was placed near an open window.

This is me, by the way, ready to go to the police station

We tried to help and think of solution of how’s and why’s that we cannot even explain. The guy who lost his things called the police and around 0530 am the police came.

It was still a long interrogation between the police and the guest who lost his things. Around 07:00 we were told that all of us will go to the police station to be interrogated.

A police car will come to take us to the police station. Another group of police came with those stuff with inks and brush. I don’t know how it is called but I think it’s for the fingerprints.

Going to the police station is not a joke. Nobody of us cared to get up anyway. Some went back to sleep. But yes, all of us will go to the police station either we want to go or no. Then all of us were on our way to the station.

We really don’t know what will happen to us there. We feel pissed off but we are not really tensed because we know that we were all sleeping and we haven’t done any crime at all.

Inside the police car, we were joking that we are all going for a tour… A different kind of tour. A memorable one, for sure.

Bored? Tired? Sleepy?

The guy with stolen stuff was with us as well. He was so apologetic anyway. We tried to respect what he felt at the moment but we really made that experience a fun one.

Arriving at the station clueless, we were just looking at each other and laughed off our disappointments. We waited for a translator while making noise, teasing and bullying each other, laughing together. The police told us many times to observe silence.

we were taken to the police station

This is us in the police station… Imagine if one of the long-legged guy gonna stretch his leg in the hallway?

It was a long wait, sitting on the floor along the hallway. Finally, the lady translator came. Oh, the boys…

It still took hours to wait, some find different ways or position to sleep.

We were all 12 persons. We were called one by one and asked us few questions. The first 4 persons who finished, left and went back to the hostel. I was on the second batch and I reached back the hostel around 1pm. That was freedom from the police station…

Freed from the police station, finally!

With lack of sleep, we were eager to take at least a nap. Some planned for a 3-hour sleep… At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we tried to wake up everybody to go and see another ruins, the Zvartnots. Not everybody woke up though…

Before leaving the hostel, Brother Patrick, A Filipino Monk came to visit us and he brought with him a Filipino food, fried rice.

I felt hungry and I realized that we didn’t have a proper meal except for the coffee at the police station and some pretzels.

We shared the meal and left the hostel. Brother Patrick joined us to our trip. The Zvartnots is already closed when we arrived. Brother Patrick just tried to request to the guard for us to see the ruins. They allowed us to enter. So, the ruins were all just for us to see. No other tourists.


From Zvartnots, we headed to Echmiadzin and we went back to the hostel.

We rested when we reached the hostel and went out again for dinner. We sealed that day with an expensive dinner though…

It all happened last June 27, 2017. And this is how I celebrated my first month in Armenia, we were taken to the police station.


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