A Trip to the Symphony of Stones (From Yerevan to Garni)

Symphony of Stones

Valley of Garni

The symphony of stones is a wonder of the world found in Garni, Armenia just below the Garni Temple. It seems to be a music to hear but it is really a one magnificent artwork of nature. It is for sure a treasure of Armenia.

The symphony of stones isn’t included by the tour guides in Armenia in their tour packages. But I like the idea somehow, for a reason that this piece of nature won’t be exploited and will always be preserved.

Symphony of Rocks

If you’re the kind of person who’s into slow traveling or slow tourism that knows how to respect nature and the environment, then, this post is for you.

Flowering plants along the trail of Symphony of Stones

Why it is termed as a symphony of stones if the sound you can hear is the ravishing water of Agat River, gushing winds and chirping birds? How come it became a symphony of stones if all you can see are mountains, valleys, weird rock formations, river, flowering plants and different colors of butterfly along the way?

Then let me take you to a closer look to the symphony of stones through this DIY trip from Yerevan. 

The planned trip is to leave the hostel at 9 am. For those who are familiar with hostel life, it means sleeping late, getting a life through friends and tomorrow can wait. Instead of leaving at 9am, it became waking up at 11 am and going outside 12noon. 

The plan was to take a bus to save money. Since I forgot which terminal we’ll take the bus and the bus number to another terminal, we took a taxi instead. We’re running out of time as well. That was a 2000 amd taxi ride instead of 100 amd bus ride. What to do, it’s difficult to wake up early. 

The taxi took us to the terminal where the bus going to Garni are parked. There are different routes of the buses. It’s easy to spot the bus going to Garni as there are photos of Garni Temple posted. We paid 250 amd.

The trip from the bus terminal to Garni took around one hour. That was not a boring nor tiring trip at all. That was my third time following the Garni route and I remain to be amazed with the green mountains, valleys, meadows and villages we passed by.

Just to share some funny ability I have. Fredo who was with me has his Armenia guide book written in French. Well, I can read what’s written because they follow Roman alphabet. But if I’m pronouncing it right, it doesn’t matter. What’s interesting is that I can understand what’s written and able to translate it in English perfectly… What’s the trick, oh, it’s my secret.

Finally we reached. The bus stopped. 

As what’s written on the guide book, we have to turn left and go down before reaching the Garni Temple. It was written also that there is a established trail and along the way where we can see flowering plants. In the valley, Agat River is passing through. And in that valley, we can do some activities like barbecuing or grilling. We reached that place, but we only rested to the cottages while enjoying the cool wind and the calming sound of the river surrounded by flowering wild plants and mountains. 

Before I’ll forget, you have to pay nothing going down to the symphony of stones. It’s totally free. The only responsibility you have is to respect the nature. And, have fun.

After few minutes rest, we headed closer to the symphony of stones. The direction says opposing the flow of the river. I was so curious to follow the river and see what’s in the opposite side. But sometimes, you don’t have to win all the time. We have to follow directions.

By the Agat River, he sat down and wept.

Now, forget the guidebook as the symphony of stones will speak for themselves. No words to describe how unique, magnificent and awe-inspiring they are. They are indeed a symphony. 

They are basalt rocks forming natural rock mountainous formation with a shape of hexagonal cylinders. It’s difficult to describe and even the photos below won’t justify how incredible the symphony of stones are.

We came closer to the rock structures. Rocks are heavy, I know. We went beneath them, amazed how the great Creator shaped them. I was actually praying to not even a single pebble would fall in my head. 

Symphony of Stones

Symphony of Stones

We left the symphony of stones with one of a kind of experience close to nature. We continued the hike passing through the Garni Village. A sign going to the Geghard Monastery which is 9km away was on the road as we passed by. That’s too far already and we have to catch the bus before 6pm going back to Yerevan.

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