An Unexpected Trip to Antarut, Armenia

Antarut, Armenia

Antarut, Armenia

At the end of this story, my Iphone fell off in a water, a miraculous water.

Well, today is just another day. A beautiful day, actually. Followed by too much hyperactivity and excitement. Rode the wrong bus, I think. No money to pay the taxi. Stuck in a place I know nothing. Google cannot suggest what things to do and see on that place. Good thing, I wasn’t alone. We were 3 Filipinos with only 5-10 words in Armenian and Russian language.

We decided to make the best of our trip. It succeeded. Followed a stream and we saw a mini-waterfall. Took some hike up to a hill overviewing a village below and a green mountain on the other side. Antarut, a countryside of Armenia is beautiful.

We were trying to catch the 16:40 bus back to Yerevan but a lady invited us to her home. We were actually thirsty. One wants coffee, another one wants cold softdrink. We didn’t accept the invitation in order to have a drink. But we went to see their home out of curiosity. How are these homes built and being designed for summer, spring, winter and fall.

Armenian hospitality at its best. A grandmother and granddaughter was there. They offered coffee, a kind of Turkish coffee I think, we cannot refuse. We want it actually, to be honest. We saw their small kitchen with a cassette playing music from a radio station. There are some dried leaves (tea and mint) on top of an old refrigerator. There was a bed also and some storage of tools and pots. It was very simple and laid back. And happiness is in the atmosphere.

While the coffee was being boiled, as hyperactive as I am, I went to see an apiary. There were three. It’s my chance to get closer to the honeybees. I really can’t understand how it works, I need to get nearer. What can you see from afar, is the same when you get closer. Except that you can hear the bees buzzing and flying around you. I told myself I’ll just run fast if they come to me. No one bit me though…

There’s also a small farm. It was my first time seeing cherry trees bearing fruits. There are still many fruit trees around. But I am bias with cherries because the fruits are almost ripe. I just can pick and munch them. Happy lost wanderer.

We had our coffee with some chocolates. We were happy sharing stories trying to meet in between with the help of gestures.

In this home, there’s an old washing machine, a storage of farm tools, beds, a grapevine over the balcony and a cool wind passing through. Then we had to say goodbye.

We went to take a walk further to the village before heading back to the bus station. But the granddaughter, by the way her name is Gohra, met us again. She passed by from a backyard and was happy waving her hand towards us. We were close to her home. She invited us again. We met her family. Big, happy family. Remember that we had coffee in her grandma’s house? Here, in her home we were offered a meal. Homemade bread, cheese, milk curd and vegetables.

What a simple living they have.

It was already 1800H and we had to catch the bus at 1830H to catch the bus going back to Yerevan. We bid goodbye and we were so grateful with the family. Gohra said they’ll come with us, pass by a Church to pray and then we’ll go to the bus station. Perfect plan.

In a small Church, there’s a free-flowing water from the undergrounds. They said it’s a miraculous water. One of us drank from it and washed face and arms. She looked so refresh and convinced us to try it. I tried. But before doing it, I just put my phone and powerbank in my friend’s backpack’s pocket. And told him to try to drink as well. The moment he sat down, the Iphone and powerbank jump off from the pocket. Both of them swam in the water.


  • Karie says:

    Wow that was quite and unexpected adventure especially the end. Sometimes unexpected experiences turn out to be more fun! It was nice of that lady to invite you into her home.Such a humble gesture. 🙂

    • Louiela Ann says:

      Yes Karie, I think being lost sometimes is part of traveling… We never expected to be fed and welcomed like what they did,,,

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