I Unknowingly Booked the Whole Hostel

There goes the title of this post. Yes, I unknowingly booked a whole hostel on my own. And it’s like “waaaaahhh…!!!” I am happy, surprised and yay! I don’t know how and why it happened.

The Khor Virap

I’d been wanting to go to Tatev for a long time but it seems I was enjoying the capital of Armenia, which is Yerevan. Today, I finally reached Tatev after being on the road for 8 hours including the few stops in Khor Virap and Areni for Wine Tasting. I didn’t sleep the whole trip, no matter how I wanted to take a nap. I felt tired though.

Wine tasting in Areni

Before joining the group tour, I’d been searching for a long time where to stay. Should it be in the nearby Goris or Tatev itself. Just on that day, I found a cheaper price in Tatev. Unbelievably cheap and I was thinking maybe there are many hidden charges like rent for towels, additional payment for use of refrigerator or microwave, etc. I tried to calculate and still it will go for an average price. Then I noticed that the hostel is new, no reviews and there’s no even available photos of the hostel.

It was a challenge to book the said hostel, but still, I did. Then I cancelled later. And then I booked again. Yes, I booked.

Next move is how I will reach Tatev which is 250 km from Yerevan. I must admit that I am still not confident commuting alone or even hitchhiking. I found a group tour to join the next day.

Our group for Tatev tour

I coordinated with my host about my booking. Everything was set. I will stay in Tatev.

When we reached Tatev Ropeway, I thought my hostel will be located around that area. Unknown to me, we are still in Halidzor.

Feeling tired from the long trip, I decided not to ride yet the ropeway. I still have enough time to enjoy the ride on the next days. I phoned my host and inform her that I am coming and handed the phone to our guide so they can talk about directions where to drop me. After the phone call, our guide told me to take my things from the car and take the ropeway. I was asking, why? It was explained to me that the hostel is in Tatev which is after the ropeway.

I felt really confused. I looked at the ropeway and all I can see are mountain and mountains. Did I book a hostel in a middle of a jungle? And I was, “ok,” “I’ll take my things from the car and take the ropeway.” Confused and… “Ok, let it be…”

I still had my hesitation but I enjoyed the views from the ropeway. By the way, this ropeway holds a Guinness title of being a longest reversible cableway in the world.

So we reached Tatev and it is a village. Our group went for a walk to the Tatev Monastery. I’ve met some travelers as well but they booked a hostel in Goris. I was still unsure if I made the right decision to book a hostel in Tatev. But…ok… I love embracing the unknown? Then, I’ll take it as a challenge.

My group has to go back to Yerevan so I phoned my host to pick me near the Church. The hostel is a few-minute walk from the famous Tatev Monastery. From the entrance, I had the impression that it is like a storage or a barn. But, I don’t rely on first impressions anymore. And yes, unknowingly I booked the whole hostel on my own. Not only that, the hostel opened for 10 days only and I am the FIRST guest.


One of these 4 beds is supposedly my bed.

booked the whole hostel


I was too excited that I just put my stuffs there.


From the room to a window view of the terrace.

booked the whole hostel


The balcony and kitchen… I feel so at home.


I choose this room with 3 beds. Ssshhh… I upgraded myself for free… At least, I won’t feel too lonely with the other two vacant beds. So, which of these 3 beds do you think I would take?

booked the whole hostel


The interior… I felt like staying in the expensive cave hotels.



I feel the need to explain myself for this… (I was laughing actually.) I know that there are thermal blankets, medical warming blanket, heaters and whatsoever. I’ve grown in a tropical country and worked in the Middle East. I have never seen or used this stuff. Yes, I know now that it is a warming blanket and I actually put it around while drafting this post. It is too cold here in Tatev.


Those things that are not in their place are my stuff 🙂


There’s a lonely guitar on the corner waiting for someone to strum its strings, unfortunately, I’m not a music-oriented person.


I felt the loneliness when I realized I’m alone, away from the crazy bunch of the hostel where I am staying in Yerevan… Here’s my view from the balcony.


The bathroom.


Some herbs being harvested from the mountains and is in process for drying.


The wooden kitchen cupboard.


Oh at least I have Jessica, the kitten to talk with…


And later on, the owner came to welcome their super special first guest 🙂


Armenian hospitality… what else to say and describe.


And since their special first guest finally came, I joined the family for a dinner. It was an invitation.


And this is the shirt I wore today.


  • celine says:

    too funny!! Did you get to sleep at all?

  • Cathy says:

    haha so cool! You owned the hostel! I think it’s amazing to be sometimes away from the crazy crowd of normal hostels! You’re amazing! would love to do that too so that no one could disturb and just enjoy my own moment! cheers to that! The hostel looks gorgeous!

  • neha says:

    Well..sometimes I love to go to such places. Complete calm, serene environment and beautiful surroundings. I would love to stay in such a place, all to myself . And with such great hosts, it must have been an amazing experience afterall..isn’t it?

  • Ambuj Saxena says:

    Haha! Loved the title of the blog post! A cute description for a cute mistake! It must be amazing to have all the beds for yourself. Had i been in your place I would have tried every bed time to time!

    • Louiela Ann says:

      Hmmm… I only paid 6 USD… I would feel guilty if I will use all the beds… but I was thinking of doing it,,,

  • Swati says:

    This sounds like a fun experience. I would be a little skeptical and a little worried at first. But it all went well. Didn’t it. The place looks fab and the view is gorgeous !

  • Jerny says:

    This is like an awesome experience! Being the first hostel guest is an epic story! What visa is needed to Armenia?

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