My Unplanned Trip to Armenia (And The Many People I Met Along)

Trip to Armenia

I really don’t know why I am in Armenia. This trip to Armenia seemed to be an impromptu decision for me. I was caught off-guarded. Reasons are one of the hardest part to find. To be honest, I still don’t know why I am here.

Nevertheless, this trip to Armenia is so close to my heart. Embracing the unknown with no plans at all and just going with the flow. It seems to be boring and confusing at times but those were the moments that I’ve get the chance to discover something great within me and of others.

This trip to Armenia will never be the same without the people I’ve met, for long or even for a short time. They’re never be the perfect buddies or friends, but somehow they make a great contribution for me to find reasons why I am in Armenia. These people, to be honest, didn’t bring only happiness but even tested my patience, pissed me off, made me more confuse and even I really hated few.

Those are realities. We meet different people, never the same with each other and that’s where amazing personalities come. And every bit of experience brings different levels of joy, laughter, amazement and even the emotions we hate to feel.

To the many Filipinos that came and go, I really tried to put some limits not to be attached. Seeing you going back to United Arab Emirates really makes me think what are my plans. I know what I wanted, but I cannot deny the fact, that my thoughts are easily affected everytime I realise that you are going back to your jobs.

To my hosts that treated me more than a guest but as a family member, thanks so much for spending the lazy afternoons with chit chats inspite of the language barrier. I really feel sorry for myself that it took me three weeks to be able to say shnorhakalut’yun (thank you.)

To the kind villagers, who invited me/us for a tea or coffee. I really love those invitations but somehow I have to refuse some of them. Being the one who visits your village, it is my responsibility to learn your language but it is too difficult for me. Everytime you ask me, “Paroski?” I feel sorry that I only know three Russian words. Thanks for trying to be able to still communicate with me. Astvats giti, I will learn soon.

To all the roommates, thanks for all the snores, laughters, bullies, invading each others bed and many other crazy things we did. Looking back, I am far now from who I am the first time I traveled alone, reserved, booking an all-girl’s dorm or staying alone in a room and choose people to whom to talk with. You helped me made understand what’s traveling all about.

To friends and newly-met friends who were with me as we discover the many hidden treasures of Armenia, thanks for those quite happy and crazy moments. I can still remember how I get bloated after non-stop of laughing. I may not remember the history of those ruins or historical places, but for sure, I will always remember what we have done in those places. With people like you, there were no boring trips.

To the people that I had a few minute talk only, to the friends of friends, to those who have gone quickly that even facebook may not get us connected at all, your hi’s and hello, and smiles will always be treasured.

To the volunteers, solo travellers, backpackers, cyclists, bloggers, vloggers, linguists, poets, for visa change, traveling as couple, traveling as family… to the many people with different reasons of traveling… thank you so much for your stories, for inspirations and encouraging words… We may be looking at the same thing but see it in different perspective, thanks for the arguments and debates. It just gave us wider understanding to differences, it might be cultural, upbringing or personalities.

To the weird people who helped me overcoming my fears and to come out of my shell through different strategies, I can’t understand but somehow teaching me how to hate, to doubt to trust… or maybe I still don’t understand how and why… I’ll better leave it like that. I am still afraid to know what’s in the other end of my fears.

We may have our own short beautiful stories but it seems they never last long. People leave. People go. We are moving around. Settling is a difficult option, we are still in search of something. And we should be thankful for memories and friendship. Thank you for this trip to Armenia.

Each of us will go following our own bliss. But for me, I will be really praying hard for heavenly guidance, I hope you’ll do too… I will always be the person who will always look back. Some of you may not, but it is totally fine. As long as you do what you love as you keep on chasing your dreams and discover new life’s pathways.

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