A Visit to Mother Armenia Statue (A DIY Hike)

Mother Armenia Statue

Mother Armenia Statue

The sun was still up at 6pm and the weather is good. We went for a hike to Mother Armenia Statue passing through Cascade.

Mother Armenia Statue can be seen if you are around the Yerevan City. It is the biggest monument in Yerevan built within Victory Park. Mother Armenia Statue depicts a female with a sword in her hand.

Following the google map, we reached the Cascade and instead of going up to the many stair-steps, we used the escalator instead. From Cascade, Mother Armenia Statue is very visible and it seems we are already close to it. Lost within Cascade, we ask one local where’s the way to the monument.



We have to put off now the google map. Meeting a local who’s very happy to help us, so conversant and was heading to the same direction made that visit to Mother Armenia more meaningful. Thanks, Shushan.

So, I’ve got some tips to meet some locals while you are going around the city.

  • Check the timing of office hours. Take a walk approximately same time after office hours as you’ll meet many locals going home as well.
  • Ask. But don’t ask the ones you meet but the person who is going the same direction. The person’s home might be near to your destination.
  • Just be the real you and smile. Share your thoughts. Listen. Take photos.
  • Ask some question related to where you are going to. For sure the locals are happy to share some information for you.
  • If you’re lucky enough, you might just meet an instant friend, a personal tour guide and make your walking tour a better one than what you expected.

We were really grateful for meeting Shushan. We asked her questions about some structures we passed by with engraved words written in Armenian letters. Most of them are memorials.

We headed to the Victory park and I saw also an Arch at the entrance same as the Arch of Triumph from other countries. The park is also a viewing deck overviewing the city of Yerevan and Mt. Ararat. It looked so beautiful.

The Mother Armenia Statue is standing tall which symbolizes peace through strength. As we come closer, I noticed that she looked so fierce. With the sword she holds, she is a symbol of a woman who can protect a country.

As Shushan mentioned, the statue replaced the monument of Stalin after Armenia gained independence.

With all due respect to the Mother Armenia, I asked Shushan if Armenian ladies are like her, fierce and strong. We were all laughing. I won’t ask that question anyway if I know Shushan will get offended.

I told her about Mother of Georgia as well who holds a cup of wine to welcome the visitors and on the other hand is a sword for the enemies. With these ideas, we made our own stories that Mother of Georgia and Mother Armenia are maybe close friends. And sometimes they go down to meet in the border and share some wine.

There are display of artificial armored fighting vehicles, cannons and different weapon system around the Mother Armenia Statue. One of us said, maybe sometimes at night Mother Armenia go down and ride one those to go around Armenia to check if everything is alright.

Those were all our own made up stories though, but it is how the Mother Armenia Statue looks full of strength.

Once you are in the area, you cannot avoid to keep on staring at her. She’s beautiful but fierce. She is indeed an epitome of strength and comes with her strength is peace.

Shushan toured as around. I hope she enjoyed our company too as much on how we appreciate her kindness, friendship and time spent with us.

Other activities to enjoy around Mother Armenia is cycling, sightseeing, walking and even enjoy the rides with kids in the nearby Victory Park.

The sun started to set and that was already 9pm. We went back home passing again through the Cascade. By this time, we took the stairs while enjoying every step and views of Yerevan.


  • neha says:

    This looks like a perfect spot to go hiking in a day. I love this kind of hiking trip but haven’t been able to do any since my little one was born since going with her is a little more cumbersome.

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