Wandering Around Kandy Lake in Sri Lanka



After the tiring train ride from Colombo to Kandy, I was able to recharge after a deep 2-hour sleep. As much as I wanted to have more sleep, I don’t want to waste time.

Around 3pm, though the bed was still calling me, I started exploring Kandy.

My hostel is located in the heart of Kandy so the location is just perfect for me who always gets lost and who has no sense of direction.

The first stop is Kandy Lake since it is the nearest spot from my place to take a walk and wander.

Kandy Lake

The weather was cool at around 4 pm. A number of tourists come and go. They usually come by the group with a guide.

Kandy Lake is man-made since 1807 with a perimeter of 3.4km. The water isn’t crystal clear however it became a natural habitat for some aquatic birds.




Many are the joys of this place but this lake has once witnessed the cruelty of a King. According to Kandyan history, it was built by using forced labor as ordered by Sinhalese King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe and whoever opposes him were being killed until the British captured him.

I kept on walking as I had all the time to do it. I saw flowering trees from afar around the lake: yellow and pink blossoms. My eyes were on the waters, fascinated with the ducks swimming or floating freely and different species of birds.

I was in awe also with the view at the opposite side of the lake and I can’t wait to reach what I was seeing. My attention was divided as I want to chase also the flowering trees.

I kept on walking, enjoying the freedom to walk around until I notice some pink fallen flowers in the water and on the ground. When I looked up, oh wow! I was thinking maybe it is how it feels to be in Japan with their cherry blossoms.

But I am in Sri Lanka and they have these flowering Tabebuia Rosea in their full bloom. The flowers have delicate thin and light petals and all pink. And when they’re fallen on the ground their beauty doesn’t easily fade as they make the ground like sprinkled with pinkish snow hail.



My attention was now consumed with the beautiful trees and I just kept on walking. I wasn’t aware that I am already on the other side of the lake. In every angle at any point, Kandy Lake and its surrounding are really beautiful.


It was already dark when I finish going around. The birds are making the sound like humming and they’re already perched on branches of the trees around.


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